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  1. 17061
    ...Oxford University Press for the Design Council, the British Standards Institution and the Council of Engineering Institutions in conjunction with the Welding Institute,...
  2. 17062
    by McKenzie, Judith
    Published 1990
    ...Published for the British Academy, the British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem and the British Institute at Amman for Archaeology and History by Oxford University Press,...
  3. 17063
    by Stephenson, Kurt
    Published 1961
    ...Arno Volk Verlag Hans Gerig; sole distributors for Great Britain, Commonwealth of Nations (excluding Canada) and the Dominions ; Oxford University Press,...
    Musical Score Book
  4. 17064
    Published 1789
    ...Printed at the Clarendon Press, by W. Jackson and A. Hamilton, Printers to the University, and sold by W. ...
  5. 17065
    by Brockington, Dan
    Published 2002
    ...International African Institute in association with James Currey, Oxford ; Mkuki Na Nyota, Dar es Salaam ; International African Institute in association with Indiana University Press,...