Deflation : current and historical perspectives / edited by Richard C.K. Burdekin, Pierre L. Siklos.

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Published: Cambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press, c2004.
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Series:Studies in macroeconomic history
Format: Book
Table of Contents:
  • 1. Fears of deflation and the role of monetary policy : some lessons and an overview / Richard C. K. Burdekin and Pierre L. Siklos
  • 2. Deflation, silent runs, and bank holidays in the great contraction / Hugh Rockoff
  • 3. Price change, financial stability, and the British economy, 1870-1939 / Forrest Capie and Geoffrey Wood
  • 4. Deflation dynamics in Sweden : perceptions, expectations, and adjustment during the deflations of 1921-1923 and 1931-1933 / Klas Fregert and Lars Jonung
  • 5. Boom-busts in asset prices, economic instability, and monetary policy / Michael D. Bordo and Olivier Jeanne
  • 6. Deflation, credit, and asset prices / Charles Goodhart and Boris Hofmann
  • 7. Is deflation depressing? : evidence from the classical gold standard / Michael D. Bordo and Angela Redish
  • 8. The strong lira policy and deflation in Italy's interwar period / Michele Fratianni and Franco Spinelli
  • 9. Deflation and stagnation in Japan : collapse of the monetary transmission mechanism and echo from the 1930s / Michael M. Hutchison
  • 10. Deflation, the financial crises of the 1890s, and stock exchange responses in London, New York, Paris, and Berlin / Lance Davis, Larry Neal and Eugene White
  • 11. The stock market and the business cycle in periods of deflation, (hyper-) inflation, and political turmoil : Germany, 1913-1926 / Martin T. Bohl and Pierre L. Siklos
  • 12. Deflationary pressures and the role of gold stocks : 1929, 1987, and today / Richard C. K. Burdekin and Marc D. Weidenmier.