Sounding the troposphere from space : a new era for atmospheric chemistry / Peter Borrell ... [et al.] (editors).

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Published: Berlin ; New York : Springer, c2004.
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Format: Book
Table of Contents:
  • 1. TROPOSAT: the project and the scientific highlights / Peter Borrell, John P. Burrows and Ulrich Platt
  • 2. An Overview of the Scientific Activities and Achievements
  • 2.1. New algorithms for obtaining tropospheric data from satellite measurements / Andreas Richter and Thomas Wagner
  • 2.2. Applications of satellite data in tropospheric research / Martin Dameris
  • 2.3. Synergistic use of different instrumentation and platforms for tropospheric measurements / Paul S. Monks and Herman G. J. Smit
  • 2.4. Validation and data assimilation for tropospheric satellite data products / H. M. Kelder, R. F. van Oss, A. Piters and H. Eskes
  • 2.5. The use of data assimilation to augment the utility of satellite data / Hendrik Elbern
  • 2.6. Future space infrastructure / Albert P. H. Goede
  • 2.7. Tropospheric Data from the United States / Jerry Ziemke
  • 3. Development of Algorithms
  • 3.1. Retrieval of Greenhouse and Related Gas Parameters from SCIAMACHY/ENVISAT / Albert P. H. Goede
  • 3.2. Aerosol Retrieval by the Introduction of New Aerosol Classes and Optical Properties: Methods and Climatology / Rodolfo Guzzi, W. Di Nicolantonio, G. Ballista and E. Carboni
  • 3.3. Neural Network Ozone Profile Retrieval System for GOME Spectra (NNORSY-GOME) / A. K. Kaifel, M. D. Muller, M. Weber and S. Tellmann
  • 3.4. Retrieval and Data Assimilation Algorithm Development for Tropospheric Ozone and NO[subscript 2] from GOME and SCIAMACHY / R. J. van der A., F. Boersma, H. J. Eskes, J. I. van Gent, H. M. Kelder, P. Levelt, A. J. Segers, R. F. van Oss, G. van Soest and P. J. M. Valks
  • 3.5. Retrieval of Tropospheric Aerosol Properties from Space using MISR Data / Johannes Keller
  • 3.6. The Role of Polarisation Measurements in Ozone Profile Retrieval from Back-scattered Ultraviolet Sunlight / Jochen Landgraf and Otto P. Hasekamp
  • 3.7. Retrieval of Aerosol Properties from Satellite Data / Gerrit de Leeuw, Jolanta Kusmierczyk-Michulec, Cristina Robles Gonzalez and Rob Decae
  • 3.8. Retrieval of CO Column and Profile Data from the MOPITT Instrument on EOS-TERRA / John J. Remedios and Nigel A. D. Richards
  • 3.9. Quantification of Tropospheric Measurements from Nadir Viewing UV/Visible Instruments / Andreas Richter, Hendrik Nuss, Bjorn-Martin Sinnhuber, Thomas Wagner and John P. Burrows
  • 3.10. Retrieval of Upper Tropospheric H[subscript 2]O from CRISTA-2 Observations / Bernd Schaler and Martin Riese
  • 3.11. Retrieval of Tropospheric BrO and NO[subscript 2] from UV-Visible Observations / Michel Van Roozendael, C. Fayt, P. Post, C. Hermans and J. C. Lambert
  • 3.12. Retrievability of Upper Tropospheric Species and Parameters from MIPAS/ENVISAT Data / Gabriele P. Stiller, Thomas von Clarmann, Norbert Glatthor, Michael Hopfner, Sylvia Kellmann, Evelyn Kimmich, Andrea Linden, Mathias Milz, Tilman Steck and Herbert Fischer
  • 3.13. Assessment of the Global Distribution of Tropospheric OH Radical Production from GOME Observations / Olaf N. E. Tuinder
  • 3.14. A Ground Validation Station for the Satellite-based Atmospheric Sensor Instruments GOME and SCIAMACHY / Arnolds Ubelis, Edgars Smalins, Uldis Gross and Janis Pukite
  • 3.15. Development of Satellite-derived Information on Tropospheric Actinic Flux and Aerosol Particulate Matter / Jean Verdebout, Regis Borde and Peter Vogt
  • 3.16. Case Studies for the Investigation of Cloud Sensitive Parameters as Measured by GOME / Thomas Wagner, Andreas Richter, Christoph von Friedeburg, Mark Wenig and Ulrich Platt
  • 3.17. Ozone Profile Retrieval from Broadband Nadir UV/Visible Satellite Spectra: How Accurate is the Tropospheric Profile? / Mark Weber, Klaus Bramstedt, Lok Lamsal, Sandip Dhomse, Arief Darmawan, Kai Eichmann, Astrid Bracher, Silvia Tellmann, Vladimir Rozanov and John Burrows
  • 4. Use of Satellite Data to understand Atmospheric Processes
  • 4.1. Tropospheric Aerosol Modelling / Maarten van Loon and Peter Builtjes
  • 4.2. Validation of a Fully Coupled Chemistry-Climate Model / Martin Dameris and Axel Lauer
  • 4.3. Global Photochemical Model Evaluation using GOME Tropospheric Column Data / Mark G. Lawrence, T. Kunhikrishnan and Rolf von Kuhlmann
  • 4.4. Construction and Analysis of Image Sequences of Atmospheric Trace Gases / Mark Wenig, Thomas Wagner, Ulrich Platt and Bernd Jahne
  • 4.5. Use of GOME Measurements for the Examination of the Nitrogen Oxide Budget in the Troposphere / Franz Rohrer, Olaf Stein and Nicola Toenges
  • 4.6. Use of Satellite Data to Constrain Ozone Budgets in Global Tropospheric Chemistry Models / N. H. Savage, A. Richter, F. Wittrock, A. Ladstaetter-Weissenmayer, G. Edwards, J. Remedios, K. Law, F. O. Connor, J. A. Pyle and J. P. Burrows
  • 4.7. First Validation of Tropospheric NO[subscript 2] Column Densities Retrieved from GOME by in situ Aircraft Profile Measurements / Jorg Heland, Hans Schlager, Andreas Richter and John P. Burrows
  • 4.8. Determination of NO[subscript x] Sources by Combination of Satellite Images with Transport Modelling / Andreas Stohl, Nicole Spichtinger, Steffen Beirle, Mark Wenig, Thomas Wagner and Ulrich Platt
  • 4.9. The Use of Space-borne Measurements and the Ground-based Swiss Monitoring System for Tracing Atmospheric Pollution / Andrea Weiss, Daniel Schaub and Peter Hofer
  • 5. Synergistic Use of Different Instrumentation and Platforms for Tropospheric Measurements
  • 5.1. Comparing CARIBIC and Satellite Data / Carl A. M. Brenninkmeijer, Franz Slemr, Andreas Zahn and P. Zimmermann
  • 5.2. Studies of NO[subscript 2] from Lightning and Convective Uplifting using GOME Data / John P. Burrows, Andreas Richter and Lars Hild
  • 5.3. Scientific Applications of Satellite Data within the Geophysica Research Community / A. R. MacKenzie and L. Stefanutti
  • 5.4. Retrieval of Tropospheric Information from Ground-based FTIR Observations, Supported by Synergistic Exploitation of Various Ground-based and Space-borne Measurement Techniques and Data / Martine De Maziere and B. Barret
  • 5.5. The Development of Multi-platform Methods for Derivation of Tropospheric Composition from Space / Roland J. Leigh, Gary K. Corlett and Paul S. Monks
  • 5.6. Control Mechanisms of Water Vapour in the Upper Troposphere: Large Scale Subsidence in Regions of Tropical Cb-Convection / Herman G. J. Smit, Susanne Nawrath, Dieter Kley and Manfred Helten
  • 5.7. Satellite plus Ground-based FTIR Measurements for Tropospheric Studies: Towards an Integrated Global Measurement System (IGMS) and an Improved Validation Strategy / Ralf Sussmann
  • 5.8. Methodology for Using the MOZAIC Ozone Climatology in Future Comparisons with Data from SCIAMACHY Onboard ENVISAT / Regina Zbinden, Bastien Sauvage, Valerie Thouret, Philippe Nedelec, Gilles Athier, Jean Pierre Cammas and Jean Luc Attie
  • 6. Validation and Data Assimilation for Tropospheric Satellite Data Products
  • 6.1. Validation of CO and CH[subscript 4] Retrieved from SCIAMACHY / Anne Grete Straume, Ilse Aben, Henk Eskes, John Gille, Maarten Krol, Ahilleas Maurellis, Jan Fokke Meirink, Hans Schrijver and Michiel van Weele
  • 6.2. Database Support for Use and Usability and Satellite Data / Bill Arlander
  • 6.3. Emission Rate Estimates by Variational Assimilation of Surface and Satellite Data / Hendrik Elbern
  • 6.4. Satellite Validation using Ground-based Spectroscopic Techniques / Bo Galle, Johan Mellqvist and Anders Strandberg
  • 6.5. Airborne in-situ Measurements of Radiation, Aerosol Optical Properties and Trace Gases for Evaluation of Remote Sensing Techniques / Wolfgang Junkermann
  • 6.6. Co-ordination of the Validation Activities for SCIAMACHY / H. Kelder, U. Platt, P. Simon, A. Piters, R. Timmermans, I. Aben, K. Bramstedt, J. P. Burrows, C. Camy-Peyret, E. Hilsenrath, B. Kerridge, B. Kirchhoff, K. Kunzi, J.-C. Lambert, D. Perner, M. Riese, H. Smit, J. Staehelin and D. Swart
  • 6.7. A New Airborne DIAL System for Tropospheric Ozone Measurements / Alexander Meister and Harald Flentje

  • 6.8. Monitoring of the Variability and Long-term Evolution of Tropospheric Constituents by Infrared Solar Absorption Spectrometry at the Jungfraujoch, Switzerland / Rodolphe Zander, Emmanuel Mahieu, Pierre Duchatelet, Philippe Demoulin, Francine Melen and Christian Servais
  • App. 1. Tropospheric satellite data available
  • App. 2. Publications and Theses resulting from TROPOSAT work
  • App. 3. Organisation of TROPOSAT.