Oceanic socialities and cultural forms : ethnographies of experience / edited by Ingjerd Hoëm and Sidsel Roalkvam.

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Published: New York ; Oxford : Berghahn Books, 2003.
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Format: Book
Table of Contents:
  • Preface / Ingjerd Hoem and Sidsel Roalkvam
  • 1. Introduction / Jonathan Friedman
  • 2. Sociality as Figure: Bedamini Perceptions of Social Relationships / Arve Sorum
  • 3. Fighting Hierarchy: Relations of Egality and Hierarchy among the May River Iwam of Papua New Guinea / Rune Paulsen
  • 4. Landscapes of Sociality: Paths, Places and Belonging on Wogeo Island, Papua New Guinea / Astrid Anderson
  • 5. Disentangling the Butubutu of New Georgia: Cognatic Kinship in Thought and Action / Edvard Hviding
  • 6. Pathway and Side: An Essay on Onotoan Notions of Relatedness / Sidsel Roalkvam
  • 7. Making Sides: On the Production of Contexts and Difference in Tokelau / Ingjerd Hoem
  • 8. 'The Other Kind': Representing Otherness and Living with it on Kotu Island in Tonga / Arne Aleksej Perminow
  • 9. 'Maori are Different, but We are Similar for Particular Reasons': Dynamics of Belonging in Social Practice / Jorun Broeck Ramstad
  • 10. Epilogue / Fredrik Barth.