The rise of the laity in Evangelical Protestantism / edited by Deryck Lovegrove.

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Published: London ; New York : Routledge, 2002.
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  • 1. Introduction / Deryck W. Lovegrove
  • Pt. I. The priesthood of all believers: from principle to practice. 2. Reformers, puritans and evangelicals: the lay connection / Carl R. Trueman. 3. Lay conversion and Calvinist doctrine during the English Commonwealth / Crawford Gribben. 4. The Pietist laity in Germany, 1675-1750: knowledge, gender, leadership / Hans Otte
  • Pt. II. Lay religious activity during the Enlightenment. 5. Reshaping individualism: the private Christian, eighteenth-century religion and the Enlightenment / Bruce Hindmarsh. 6. A spiritual aristocracy: female patrons of religion in eighteenth-century Britain / Helen M. Jones. 7. Taming the Spirit: female leadership roles in the American Awakenings, 1730-1830 / Marilyn J. Westerkamp
  • Pt. III. Tensions surrounding an active laity. 8. Lay leadership, establishment crisis and the disdain of the clergy / Deryck W. Lovegrove. 9. National churches, gathered churches, and varieties of lay evangelicalism, 1735-1859 / Mark A. Noll. 10. Methodist New Connexionism: lay emancipation as a denominational raison d'etre / Timothy Larsen
  • Pt. IV. Missions and the widening scope of priesthood. 11. The missionary movement: a lay fiefdom? / Andrew F. Walls. 12. Industry, professionalism and mission: the placing of an emancipated laywoman, Dr. Ruth Massey 1873-1963 / Clyde Binfield. 13. A foundation of influence: the Oxford Pastorate and elite recruitment in early twentieth-century Anglican evangelicalism / Mark Smith
  • Pt. V. The church of the laity. 14. 'The church itself is God's clergy': the principles and practices of the Brethren / Neil T. R. Dickson. 15. Changing Baptist concepts of royal priesthood: John Smyth and Edgar Young Mullins / Malcolm B. Yarnell III. 16. The Charismatic Movement: the laicizing of Christianity? / David F. Wright.