Giha Mo'na : a self-determination study for Guåhan / Carlyle G. Corbin, Kenneth Gofgan Kuper, Joseph Bradley ; editors Victoria-Lola Leon Guerrero [and 7 others].

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Published: Guam, Mangilao : Commission on Decolonization, [2021]
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Limtiaco, Steven (copy editor.)
Mulalap, Clement Yow (subject-area editor.)
Hiles, Gary (subject-area editor.)
Davis, Sasha (subject-area editor.)
Patacsil, Ralph Eurich (visual editor.)
Format: Book
Table of Contents:
  • Introduction: Methodology
  • Evolution of Self-determination Under International Law: Self-determination
  • from 'principle' to a 'right' ; The right to external self-determination of 'Peoples'
  • Mandate for Self-determination and Decolonization: Initial decolonization period (1946-1959) ; Decolonization acceleration period (1960-1990) ; Decolonization stagnation period (1991-2020): political and constitutional dimension, socio-economic dimension, natural resources and cultural dimension, geo-strategic and military dimension
  • Evolution of Dependency Governance in Guam: Pre-colonial Governance (PCG) ; Spanish Dependency Governance (MDG) ; Military Dependency Governance (MDG) ; Governance under occupation ; Appointed Dependency Governance (ADG) ; To Elected Dependency Governance (EDG)
  • Evolution of Self-Governance Indicators 9SGIs)
  • Application to Guam of Self-Governance Indicators (SGIs)
  • Concluding Observations.