Macroeconomics / N. Gregory Mankiw.

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Edition:Eleventh edition.
Published: New York, NY : Worth Publishers / Macmillan Learning, [2022]
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Courses: ECON 206
Format: Book
Table of Contents:
  • Part I. Introduction. The Science of macroeconomics ; The data of macroeconomics
  • Part II. Classical Theory : The Economy in the Long Run. National income : Where it comes from and where it goes ; The monetary system : What it is and how it works ; Inflation : Its causes, effects, and social costs ; The open economy ; Unemployment and the labor market
  • Part III. Growth Theory : The Economy in the Very Long Run. Capital accumulation as a source of growth ; Population growth and technological progress ; Growth, empirics, and policy
  • Part IV. Business Cycle Theory : The Economy in the Short Run. Introduction to economic fluctuations ; Aggregate demand I : Building the IS-LM model ; Aggregate demand II : Applying the IS-LM model ; The open economy revisited : The Mundell-Fleming model and the exchange-rate regime ; Aggregate supply and the short-run tradeoff between inflation and unemployment
  • Part V. Topics in Macroeconomic Theory and Policy. A dynamic model of economic fluctuations ; Alternative perspectives on stabilization policy ; Government debt and budget deficits ; The financial system : Opportunities and dangers ; The microfoundations of consumption and investment
  • Epilogue. What we know, what we don't
  • Glossary.