The Routledge handbook of social work practice research / edited by Lynette Joubert and Martin Webber.

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Published: Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, 2020.
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Series:Routledge international handbooks
Format: Electronic eBook
Table of Contents:
  • 1. Introduction / Lynette Joubert & Martin Webber
  • Section 1: State of the Art
  • 2. Identifying the Conceptual Foundations of Practice Research / Michael Austin
  • 3. Social Work Practice Research Developments
  • Four statements, ten years later / Lars Uggerhøj
  • 4. From Research Question to Practice Research Methodology / Mike Fisher
  • 5. Underlying Theoretical Positions, Perceptions and Foundations in Practice Research / Maja Lundemark Andersen, Lene Ingemann Brandt, Kirsten Henriksen, Kirsten Mejlvig, Liesanth Nirmalarajan, Mette Rømer, Lars Uggerhøj and Pernille Wisti
  • 6. Practice Research as a Collective Enterprise / Ian Shaw
  • 7. Philanthropic Collaboration in Practice Research: The Mrs Lee Choon Guan Endowed Research Fund Model, Singapore / Rosaleen Ow, Isabel Sim & Esther Goh
  • Section 2: Methodologies
  • 8. Clinical Data Mining: a practice research methodology of choice for health social workers / Lynette Joubert, Melinda Collins, Lisa Braddy, Kathryn Turner, Alison Hocking, Denise Beovich, Sarah Blaschke, Fiona Wiseman
  • 9. Different approaches in practice research / Maja Lundemark Andersen, Lene Ingemann Brandt, Kirsten Henriksen, Kirsten Mejlvig, Liesanth Nirmalarajan, Mette Rømer, Lars Uggerhøj and Pernille Wisti
  • 10. Methodological pluralism in practice research / Martin Webber
  • 11. Pragmatist knowledge production in practice research / Heidi Muurinen and Mirja Satka
  • 12. Evaluating social work practice with single system research designs / Bruce A. Thyer
  • 13. Measuring effectiveness in practice research / Grahame Simpson
  • 14. The interface between qualitative research methodology and practice research / Lisa Morriss
  • 15. Engaging service users in practice research / Maja Lundemark Andersen, Lene Ingemann Brandt, Kirsten Henriksen, Kirsten Mejlvig, Liesanth Nirmalarajan, Mette Rømer, Lars Uggerhøj and Pernille Wisti
  • 16. Practice research in Indigenous communities / Angus Macfarlane
  • 17. Translating ideas of practice research for a national and local child welfare reform process / Laura Yliruka, Päivi Petrelius and Pia Eriksson
  • 18. Causal analysis for practice-based research using observational data / Arno Parolini, Wei Wu Tan, Marlena Klaic and Anna Bornemisza
  • Section: Pedagogies
  • 19. Teaching practice research through partnerships with field educators, social work communities and university / Laura Yliruka, Jenika Heinonen, Maria Tapola-Haapala and Nanne Isokuortti
  • 20. Teaching practice research through fieldwork placements: critical factors for successful trialogical learning processes / Maria Tapola-Haapala, Aino Kääriäinen, Maija Jäppinen and Mirja Satka
  • 21. Teaching practice research: a curriculum guide for postgraduate social work training / Martin Webber
  • 22. Academic practitioner collaboration: a state-wide social work innovation from Victoria, Australia / Lynette Joubert, Alison Hocking, Anita Morris and Lisa Braddy
  • 23. International capacity-building for practice research in India / Saju MD, Meredith Fendt-Newlin, Lynette Joubert and Martin Webber
  • Section 4: Applications
  • 24. From practice wisdom to research knowledge: the case of the development of the Integrative Body-Mind-Spirit intervention model / Margaret Xi-can Yin, Celia Hoi-yan Chan, Yat-lui Fung and Cecilia Lai-wan Chan
  • 25. Using existing data to explore practice issues and improve service responses: application of clinical data mining methodology in a healthcare context / Alys-Marie Manguy, Lynette Joubert, Ed Oakley and Robert Gordon
  • 26. Post-hospital caregiving experiences: an exploratory, longitudinal mixed-methods study / Geok Ling Lee, Corinne S.N. Ghoh, Gerald C.H. Koh, Soon Noi Goh, Crystal Chai-Lim, Marcus Y.L. Chiu, Nan Luo and Kai Cao
  • 27. The role of clinical supervision within Australian Youth Cancer Services / Kate Thompson, Lucy Holland, Jeremy Lewin, Victoria Dax and Lynette Joubert
  • 28. Narrative practice and practice-based research / Kristina Lainson
  • 29. Co-producing practice research: The Connecting People Implementation Study / Nicola Moran, Martin Webber, Harminder Dosanjh Kaur, David Morris, Kayonda Ngamaba, Victoria Nunn, E. Thomas and Keith J. Thompson
  • 30. Sharing lived experience in mental health services / Jonny Lovell, Alison O'Connell and Martin Webber
  • 31. Co-creation in research with young people / Frida Westerback, Emma Murtonen, Judith Metz and Ilse Julkunen
  • 32. Parenting Assessment Manual Software with forensic parentingassessments: from practice to research / Tracee Green and Martin Webber
  • 33. Practice-led research: developing communities of practice to drive research and practice change in the domestic and family violence arena / Susan Heward-Belle, Cathy Humphreys, Lucy Healey, Menka Tsantefski, Jasmin Isobe, Cherie Toivonen, Erin Links, Amy Young and Tracy Wilde
  • 34. The performance of researching with migrants and refugees / Janet Carter Anand, Chaitali Das, Csilla Veszteg and Enkhjargal Batbaatar
  • Section 5: Expanding the frontiers
  • 35. Beyond knowledge transfer in practice research in social work: making sense of relations and alliances Ilse Julkunen and Raija Koskinen
  • 36. Results to practice: navigating complexities to create meaningful impact / Christa B. Fouché and Laura A. Chubb
  • 37. Staying close to practice: knowledge translation in practice research / Meredith Fendt-Newlin
  • 38. Whence and whither clinical data mining? / Irwin Epstein
  • 39. New frontiers for practice research / Lynette Joubert and Martin Webber