Materials in Environmental Engineering : Proceedings of the 4th Annual International Conference on Materials Science and Environmental Engineering / Hadi Haeri.

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Published: Berlin ; Boston : De Gruyter, [2017]
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245 0 0 |a Materials in Environmental Engineering :  |b Proceedings of the 4th Annual International Conference on Materials Science and Environmental Engineering /  |c Hadi Haeri. 
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505 0 0 |r Gai-Li / Zhao, Na --  |t The Application of CDMA Technology in the Measurement of Antenna Array /  |r Chu, Fei-Huang / Zhang, Cheng-Wen / Yu, Hong-Bing --  |t Synthesis and Bactericidal Properties of MgO/TiO2 Nano-Composites /  |r Li, Qiao-Ling / Li, Jun-Jian / Chen, Bei / Li, Min --  |t Effects of Assisting Agents Concentrations on Energy Consumption during the Electrokinetic Treatment of Contaminated Kaolin /  |r Yuan, Li-Zhu / Yu, Hong-Wen --  |t Development of a Solid State pH Sensor Based on Electrodeposited Iridium Oxide Films for Water Quality Detection /  |r Zhou, Bo / Bian, Chao / Tong, Jian-Hua / Xia, Shan-Hong --  |t Simple Fabrication of ZnO Hierarchical Structures with Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity /  |r Xie, Juan / Lu, Ying-Fang --  |t Enhanced Cycling Stability of Multi-Cations Doped Spinel Lithium Manganese Oxide for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries /  |r Zhao, Hong-Yuan / Liu, Shan-Shan / Tan, Ming / Wang, Zhen-Wei / Cai, Yu / Liu, Xing-Quan --  |t Review on the Applications of Phase Change Materials (PCMs) for Building Envelopes /  |r Cui, Yan-Qi / Cui, Ying-De --  |t Damage Analysis of Cast Iron Specimen with Different Crack Forms /  |r Song, Qiao / Huang, Yi / Tang, Hao / Chang, Yan-Jun --  |t Study on the Performance of a High-Pressure Water Jet Dust Collector in a Powder Feeding Port of Explosive Sites /  |r Xiong, Xin-Yu / Ma, Zhong-Fei / Xie, Hong-Ling --  |t Self-Assembled Grapheme / Carbon Nanotube Fibers as Electrodes for Super Capacitors /  |r Jia, Yun-Ming / Zhang, Mei / Li, Hong-Wei / Wang, Jian-Ming --  |t Fatigue Life Prediction of a Kind of Frequentlyused Bolt under Random Excitations /  |r Zhang, Tai-Hua / Wang, Zi-Hao / Meng, Xian-Hong --  |t Research on Development of Armor Protection Materials and Technology /  |r Zhao, Xu-Dong / Gao, Xing-Yong / Liu, Guo-Qing / Zhang, Yu-Ling --  |t Cold forming Cracking Reason and Solution Method of SS400 Hot Rolled Steel /  |r Xiong, Xue-Gang / Zhang, Kai-Hua / Ye, Xiao-Yu / Xiao, Yao --  |t Effect of Flow Rate of Cooling Water on the Interfacial Heat Transfer Coefficient between Modular Water-Cooled Mold and Casting /  |r Zeng, Yi-Dan / Yao, Qing-Hu / Wang, Xia --  |t Study on High-Absorption Chrome Tanning Technology Assisted by CO2 Low Temperature Plasma Treatment /  |r Liu, Fang-Ming / Jiang, Yuan-Ping / Xu, Wen-Lan / Su, Ting / Li, Li- Xin --  |t Simulation of Q345 Steel Billet Solidification Microstructure in Continuous Casting Based on Matlab /  |r Zhang, Jing / Han, Ze-Feng / Jin, Ying --  |t Preparation and Properties of Neopentyl Glycol/Epoxy Resin Composite Phase Change Material for Thermal Energy Storage /  |r Meng, Duo / Zhao, Kang / Zhao, Wei / Wang, Dong-Xu --  |t Hysteric Property Analysis for Semi-Rigid Base Connection of Concrete-Filled Square Steel Tubular Columns /  |r Meng, Fan-Qin / Zhao, Dong-Xue / Zhang, Zhi-Chao / He, Bao-Jie --  |t An Adaptive Harmonic Current Detection for Improving the Power Quality in Power Grid /  |r Liu, Chuan-Lin --  |t Paper Fiber Paper-Based ZnO Piezoelectric Nanogenerator for Self-Powered Energy Scavenging /  |r Yang, De-Chao / Qiu, Yu / Jiang, Qing-Yu / Guo, Zhao-Shuai --  |t Fabrication of Super-Hydrophobic Surface with Micro- Nano-Structure on Brass Substrate by Chemical Etching and Surface Modification /  |r Yu, Zhi-Jia / Li, Yan-Feng --  |t Preparation Technology and Experimental of Hydro-Thermal Method on Surface Modification of Biomedical Titanium /  |r Xu, Ying / Wang, Bian / Cai, Yan-Qing / Zhang, Zi-Zi --  |t The Co-Pilot Position of Vehicle Noise Quality Prediction Based on SVM /  |r Zhang, Xiao-Juan / Liu, Yan --  |t Application of Aramid Fiber in Printed Circuit Board /  |r Wu, You-Ming --  |t Online Intelligent Sorting Method of Gold Ore based on LIBS Technology /  |r Wang, Tuan-Feng / Yang, Jian-Xi --  |t Rapid Decolorization and Mineralization of Congo Red Using Fe78Si9B13Amorphous Alloy by Photo Fenton-Like Process /  |r Jia, Zhe / Li, Xue-Fen / Liang, Shun-Xing / Qin, Peng / Habibi, Daryoush / Zhang, Lai-Chang --  |t Preparation of Ce, N-Codoped Mesoporous Titania Photocatalyst with High Photocatalytic Activity under Visible Light /  |r Xu, Hang / Wang, Kang / Liu, Shan / Li, Yang / Chen, Wei --  |t Preparation of TiO2/AC Composite and Characterization of Its Photocatalytic Activities /  |r Hu, Kai / Chen, Wei / Xu, Hang / Shen, Zhen / Wang, Wei / Han, Feng / Shen, Xing-Hou --  |t Electrocatalytic Oxidation Degradation of Reactive Red 2 /  |r Wang, Shao-Feng / Chen, Jian-Jun / Wang, Xiao-Hui / Hu, Hong-Guang --  |t Nanoscale Fe0 Supported on Three- Dimensional Graphene for the Removal of Methyl Orange from Water /  |r Wang, Yin-Jie / Chen, Wen-Jin / Chen, Meng / Xue, Chen-Yang / Yuan, Zhang-Qin --  |t Study on the Optimal Extraction of Coal Resources under the Constraint of Ecological Environment /  |r Li, Sha / Zhang, Jin-Suo / Yan, Xiao-Xia --  |t Research on the Stability Calculation and Treatments of the Liyu Landslide in Zhuzhou City, Center Hunan Province /  |r Wang, Yuan-Yuan / Su, Ming-Hui --  |t Procurement Cost Control of New Energy Vehicles Manufacturing Enterprise under Supply Chain Management /  |r Kon, Qing-Lin / Li, Xiu-Huan --  |t Domino Effect Index for Chemical Plants Based on Fishbone Analysis /  |r Zeng, Chu-Chu / Qian, Yu / Liu, Yong-Sheng --  |t Xinjiang Wind Power under "the Belt and Road Initiatives" Facing the Opportunities and Challenges /  |r Wang, Ji-Wei / Xu, Li-Jun / Hou, Xiao-Jing --  |t Analysis of the Fuel Efficiency of Airport End- Around Taxiway /  |r Pan, Wei-Jun / Zhou, Zi-Feng / Zuo, Qing-Hai / Pan, Yue-Xiao / Zhuo, Xing-Yu / Tan, Jing-Wei --  |t Spatiotemporal Analysis on Pesticide Using in different Agriculture Lands over China /  |r Wu, Fan / Wu, Zong-Hua --  |t Policy Analysis and Capability Evaluation of China's Cities in Response to Climate Change /  |r Wang, Qian / Lu, Yi / Wang, Guo-Meng --  |t Analysis of the Influence of Environmental Conditions on Individual SEFAE Rocket /  |r Wu, Li-Li / Ding, Yu-Kui / Zhen, Jian-Wei / Zhi, Jian-Zhong --  |t Residual Characteristics of Organochlorine Pesticides in Four Kinds of Plants in Qingshitan Reservoir Region /  |r Fu, Xin / Zeng, Hong-Hu / Liang, Yan-Peng / Qin, Li-Tang --  |t Application and Research Progress of Toxicity Test of Daphnia Magna /  |r Deng, Yang / Wu, Chi-Shan / Liang, Yan-Peng / Zeng, Hong-Hu --  |t Literature Mining-oriented Risk Management of Climate Change /  |r Li, Qiu-Lin / Lu, Yi / Li, Mei-Hui --  |t Economic Evaluation of Renewable Energy Saving Technology Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process and Data Envelopment Analysis Method /  |r Xu, Di-Rong / Gang, Jun / Gan, Lu / Li, Zhong-Qin --  |t Study on Modified Zeolite for Absorption of Fluoride in Water /  |r Huang, Zhi-Yong / Liu, Hong-Bo / He, Ping --  |t Removal of Heavy Metal Ions from Aqeous Solution Using Bottom Ash as an Adsorbent /  |r Zhang, Ming-Liang --  |t Research Progress of N2O Production in Different Wastewater Treatment Processes /  |r Nie, Ai-Hua / Jiao, Wen-Hai / Zhang, Shou-Bin / Zhong, Jing-Xiu --  |t Application of Alternative Environmental Protection Leather in Clothing /  |r Zhu, Da-Hui / Feng, Cheng-Cheng --  |t The Application of Green Environmental Protection Material in Clothing Design /  |r Zhu, Da-Hui / Wang, Xue-Lin --  |t Full-Flow Balance Analysis of Copper in Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant of Hardware Electron-Mechanical Industrial Area /  |r Yu, Shu-Rong / Hong, Jun-Ming / Dai, Lan-Hua / Cai, Na-Ting / Chen, Xiang-Qiang --  |t Study on Biological Treatment -Fenton - Oxidation Treatment -Biological Treated Landfill Leachate /  |r Liu, Xiu-Yan / Xiang, Shuo / Huang, Jin-Gang / Chen, Jian-Jun / Wu, Wei- Hong / Tang, Jun-Hong --  |t Normal Section Bearing Capacity Test on Columns Composed by Fine Slag Aggregate Concrete /  |r Jiao, Tao / Li, Xue-Wei / Ma, Hai-Ping --  |t A Nonlinear Rheological Model for Rocks Considering the Tertiary Creep Stage /  |r Zhao, Mo-Li / Wang, Wen --  |t Construction of Multilayer Geo-Metadata Management System /  |r Zhao, Qing-Feng / Ma, Lin-Shan --  |t Automobile Body Shop Optimization Design of Displacement Ventilation /  |r Gou, Wei-Jie / Wang, Li-Hong --  |t The Research Progress 
505 0 0 |t of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Processing Technology in Coking Wastewater /  |r Zhao, Xin / Shi, Yan / Feng, Ying-Ying / Zhao, Ying --  |t Experimental Investigation on Flexural Properties of Sisal Fiber Reinforced Foam Concrete /  |r Tian, Guo-Xin / Huang, Jun / Guo, Pei-Pei / Tang, Qian-Lan / Sun, Lin- Zhu --  |t Reservoir Modeling Constrained by Geological Conceptual Patterns of DC Oilfield in Llanos Basin /  |r Wang, Huan --  |t Numerical Simulation of Mold Surface Built-up Welding Temperature 
505 0 0 |t Field Based on ANSYS /  |r Liu, Yong / Liu, Cun-Ping --  |t Adsorption of β - HCH on Constructed Wetland Substrates /  |r Wu, Zhong-Jian / Zeng, Hong-Hu / Liang, Yan-Peng / Mo, Ling-Yun --  |t Structure and Spatial Distribution of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Livestock and Poultry Manure Management /  |r Xue, Yu-Nan / Luan, Wei-Xin --  |t Study on Assimilable Organic Carbon (AOC) and Influencing Factors in Northern Living District Water Distribution System /  |r Zhang, Xin-Yu / Gao, Jin-Liang --  |t A New Magnetic Pb (II)-Imprinted Polymer as a Highly Selective Sorbent for Preconcentration and Determination of Lead Ions in Wastewater Samples /  |r Yang, Lin / Li, Sheng-Fang / Song, Wei-Jun / Sun, Chun-Yan --  |t Analysis on the Characteristics of Smog Pollution in the Urban Centre of Chongqing Municipal /  |r Peng, Xiao-Hong / Lee, Yong-Qing / Shen, Xiao-Dong / Chen, Ru-Hai --  |t Remote Sensing Monitoring Analysis of Typical Islands in Paracel Islands /  |r Gao, Yang / Wu, Zhi-Feng / Lou, Quan-Sheng / Li, Ming-Jie / Wang, Yin-Xia / Li, Xue-Rui / Tang, Ling --  |t The Structural Character and Optimal Design of Canal Aqueduct /  |r Li, Tie-Cheng / Gao, Yan-Li / Yang, Shang-Wu / Ye, Yong --  |t Different Aqueduct Structure Make and Design /  |r Li, Shuang-Shuang / Sang, Gao-Ya / Xu, Ming-Yang / Ye, Yong --  |t Liquefaction Technology of Rice Husk in Polyhydric Alcohols /  |r Chen, Shuang / Gu, Ying-Lu / Zhong, Qiang / Zhang, Zhi-Liang --  |t Study on Engineering Example of Risk Based Inspection and Verification of Acoustic Emission Inspection for Storage Tank Group /  |r Fang, Zhou / Liu, De-Yu / Li, Guang-Hai / Wang, Zhe --  |t Experimental Setup for Boron Meter Accuracy Analysis in Nuclear Reactor Environment /  |r Sung, Si Hyeong / Lee, Uk Jae / Min, Jae Sung / Kim, Hee Reyoung --  |t Effects of Material Dispersion on Heat Transfer Analysis of Integrated Thermal Protection Systems /  |r Qi, Wu-Chao / Tian, Su-Mei --  |t Dust Pollution Emission Characteristics and Dust Suppression Effect of Porous Windbreak and Large Strip Warehouse Based on Wind Tunnel Experiments /  |r Xue, Yong-Hua / Bai, Jing-Feng / Hong, Ning-Ning / Gao, Hui-Ying --  |t Removal of Cadmium, Iron and Sulfate from Synthetic Acid Rock Drainage Using Metal- Tolerant Sulfate Reducing Bacterial Sludge /  |r Zhang, Ming-Liang / Wang, Hai-Xia --  |t Measures to Prevent Subsea Wellhead Instability for Deepwater Drilling /  |r Su, Kan-Hua / Liu, Ji-Lin / Wan, Li-Fu / Li, Meng --  |t Simultaneous Analysis of Methanol, Ethyl Acetate and Fusel Oil in Wine /  |r Chen, Yu-Hong / Hu, Si-Qian / Qi, Xing / Zhu, Tian-Rong / Fu, Hou-Tun / Tan, Fang --  |t Influence on Wetting Performance by Polarity Difference between Organic Acid and Organic Alcohol /  |r Wu, Zhi-Yuan / Wang, Shu-Hui / Tian, Xin-Li / Tang, Xiu-Jian / Yang, Jun- Wei --  |t Evaluation and Application of Poverty Index Water Based on Principal Component Analysis /  |r Song, A-Ling / Wang, Yi-Xuan / Su, Hui-Lin / Liu, Hai-Feng --  |t Research Progress on Degradation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Cooking Flue Gas /  |r Shi, Yan / Feng, Ying-Ying / Zhao, Xin / Guan, Wei --  |t Measurements of Contact Angles for CO2- Brine-Berea Sandstones System at Reservoir Conditions /  |r Mutailipu, Meiheriayi / Song, Yong-Chen / Liu, Yu / Wang, Da-Yong --  |t The Numerical Simulation of the Surface Settlement and the Pile Horizontal Displacement Caused by the Foundation Pit Dewatering /  |r Ding, Ke-Wei / Wang, Miao-Gui --  |t A Study on the Influence of Integrative Structure Combined with Subway Station and Underground Passage under Dynamic Load of Subway Train /  |r Ding, Ke-Wei / Ge, Jian --  |t Research on Three-Dimensional Topographic Characteristics of Tensile Cement Stone Crack Surface /  |r Sun, Fu-Ting / Lu, Qian / Hu, Ming-Ting / Zeng, Chao --  |t Diurnal Fluctuations in Oxygen Release from Roots of Phragmites Australis in Constructed Wetland Systems /  |r Dong, Chan / Huang, Ying-Hao --  |t Different Detection Methods for HPLC Analysis of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters in Biodiesel /  |r Han, Yan-Gang / Chen, Hong-Bo / Lu, Yan / Liao, Shang-Fu / Ling, Fei / Hu, Dan / Li, Chang-Yu / Zhu, Kai --  |t Measurement and Analysis of Sound Absorption Coefficient by the Method of Reverberation Chamber and Impedance Tube /  |r Zhang, Ming / Liu, Yan / Zhang, Xiao-Pai / Zhang, Xiao-Juan / Zhang, Chang- Bin / Zhong, Zhi-Fang --  |t The Influence of Boundary Conditions on Sound Field in Long Space /  |r Liu, Jian / Zhang, Xiao-Pai / Liu, Yan / Zhang, Xiao-Juan / Zhong, Zhi-Fang --  |t Two Methods of Measuring Reverberation Time and Sound Absorption Coefficient in Reverberation Room /  |r Cheng, Jing-Jing / Zhang, Xiao-Pai / Liu, Yan / Zhang, Xiao-Juan / Zhang, Chang-Bin / Zhong, Zhi-Fang --  |t Investigation of Heat Transfer of a Square Impinging Air Jet on a Flat Surface using Thermochromic Liquid Crystal Sheet /  |r Chuwattanakul, Varesa / Wongcharee, Khwanchit / Nanan, Kwanchai / Eiamsa-ard, Smith --  |t Drying Behavior of Fluidized Bed Dried Peppercorns /  |r Chuwattanakul, Varesa / Banthumporn, Kesmanee / Promvonge, Pongjet / Eiamsa-ard, Smith 
505 0 0 |t Frontmatter --  |t Keynote Speech I. Strategies for Improving Hydropower Development /  |r Tang, Wen-Zhe --  |t Keynote Speech II. Biotemplated Mesoporous Materials for Wastewater Treatments /  |r Wang, Jia-Qiang --  |t Keynote Speech III. Design of Hard and Superhard Nanocomposites for Harsh Environment /  |r Zhang, Rui-Feng --  |t Keynote Speech IV. Numerical Simulation of Slag Corrosion Behavior of Lightweight Refractories for Refining Ladles /  |r Huang, Ao --  |t Keynote Speech V. 
505 0 0 |t Precision Plastic Forming of Large Complex Component of Ti-Alloy /  |r Sun, Zhi-Chao --  |t Study about the Landslide Deformation Forecast Model Based on Kalman Filter Method and Taylor Seris and Material Properties /  |r Lu, Fu-Min / Jiang, Ting-Yao --  |t Effects of Machining Process and Heat Treatment on the Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of TB2 Titanium Alloy Strip /  |r Ni, Pei-Tong / Ren, Jun-Shuai / Bai, Bao-Liang / Zhou, Li-Peng --  |t Study on Compound Characteristics of Oleic Acid, Glycerol and Organic Ester in Grinding Fluid /  |r Wu, Zhi-Yuan / Wang, Shu-Hui / Tian, Xin-Li / Tan, Xiu-Jian --  |t Novel Room-Temperature Molten Salt Based on Chlorine Chloride with Hydrogen Bond Donors /  |r Qin, Xian-Zhong / Cai, Fei-Peng / Yang, Gai / Hu, Su-Qin --  |t Study on Organic Modification of Aluminum Powder Coating /  |r Sun, Yi-Ming / Ma, Teng-Fei / Gong, De-Peng / Yu, Miao --  |t Study on Material of Exothermic Insulation Riser Sleeve /  |r Wang, Neng-Wei / Li, You / Li, Ren-Fu / Tang, Xiao --  |t The Efficiency Calculation of Cobalt Oxide for Artificial Photosynthesis with Exponential- Doping /  |r Chen, Lei / Shi, Rui --  |t Microscale Hierarchical Three-Dimensional Flowerlike CuO: Synthesis, Characterization, and its Supernormal Photocatalytic Activity under Visible Light Irradiation /  |r Guo, Na / Yu, Hong-Wen --  |t The Distribution Behavior of Phosphorus at Non-Equilibrium Condition Simulating the Casting Ladle /  |r Ma, Jin-Fang / Zhang, Jian-Liang / Wang, Zhen-Yang / Zhang, Lei --  |t Effects of Zr Addition on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of AlCoCrFeNiZrx High-Entropy Alloys /  |r Ban, Yu-Feng / Liu, Gui-Zhong / Hao, Cong-Min / Dong, Xin-Tao / Guo, Jing-Jie --  |t Research and Preparation of Super Hydrophobic and Self-Cleaning PVDF Membrane /  |r Yang, Wen-Fang / Zhang, Zhong-Da / Zhang, Jian-Fei / Zhao, Xiao-Ming --  |t Preparation and Characterization of TiB2 Coatings with Ultra-Low Residual Stress /  |r Jiang, Chun-Lei / Zhu, Hai-Li / Shin, Kyunsoo / Wang, Tao / Chen, Guang-Hai / Tang, Yong-Bing --  |t Crystal Structure and Microwave Dielectric Properties of Ca [(Li1/3Nb2/3)0.9Zr0.1]O3-δ−xTiO2 ceramics /  |r Gan, Ying-Jie / Xiong, Gang --  |t Mechanism of Mechanochemical Reactions in Magnesium-Aluminium Layered Double Hydroxides Systems /  |r Yu, Hong-Bo / Liu, Hui-Ru / Liu, Gui-Lin / Gao, Hong --  |t Deposition of Diamond Films on Complex Cutting Tools by Hot-Filament Chemical Vapor Deposition /  |r Wang, Tao / Zhang, Song-Quan / Jiang, Chun-Lei / Tang, Yong-Bing --  |t The Crystal Unit Model of CsI(Tl) Film with Hexagon Microcolumns and Its Conversion Factor to X-Ray /  |r Guo, Li-Na / Liu, Shuang / Wang, Tian-Yu / Tan, Xiao-Chuan --  |t Effect of Ion Etching on the Surface Morphology, Structure and Adhesive Strength of the TiN Coating /  |r Zhu, Hai-Li / Jiang, Chun-Lei / Shin, Kyunsoo / Wang, Tao / Chen, Guang-Hai / Tang, Yong-Bing --  |t Influences of Photocatalytic Activity by TiO2 Doping with Graphene Oxide and Lanthanum on the Carrier of Cenosphere /  |r Wang, Wei / Cheng, Zhen / Huang, Song-Tao / Yang, Li-Mei / Xu, Zheng / Jia, Lu --  |t Synthesis and Luminescence Properties of Eu3+-Doped NaTb(MoO4)2 Hierarchical Microcrystals /  |r Tian, Jia-Yue / Zhao, Jing / Wei, Wan / Yao, Run-Run / Chen, Long / Zhang, Cui- Miao / Jia, Guang / Liu, Shuang --  |t PtxNi/meso-Al2O3 (x = 0.60-2.07): High- Performance Catalysts for the Hydrogenation of N-Butanal at Low Temperatures /  |r Yang, Jun / Liu, Yu-Xi / Deng, Ji-Guang / Dai, Hong-Xing --  |t Hysteretic Behavior of CFT Columns with Semi- Rigid Base Connection under Different Loading Modes /  |r Meng, Fan-Qin / Zhang, Zhi-Chao / Zhao, Dong-Xue / He, Bao-Jie --  |t Behavior of Liquid Phase Generation of High Phosphorus Oolitic Hematite during Sinter /  |r Xing, Hong-Wei / Wang, Xiao-Yuan / Zhang, Wei / Tian, Tie-Lei / Liu, Chao --  |t Influence of the UUV Body on the Performance of the Propeller /  |r Li, Yi-Lin / Song, Bao-Wei --  |t Piezoresistivity of Polyethylene Terephthalate Nickel Powder Composite /  |r Zhang, Xiao-Meng / Yao, Zhan-Yong / Yu, Teng-Hai / Zhang, Shuo --  |t Preparation of Ti-Cu Alloying Surface Layer on Ti6Al4V Substrate via Friction Stir Processing for Flame-Retardant Performance /  |r Li, Bo --  |t Failure Analysis of Escalator Step Induced by the Bolt Surface Defects /  |r Li, Bo / Liang, Xiao --  |t Surface Wear Mechanism of Escalator Step Chain: A Failure Analysis /  |r Liang, Xiao / Li, Bo --  |t Toxicity Reduction Mechanism of ZnO NPs during Sludge Vermicomposting Process /  |r Zhao, Chun-Hui / Mu, Hui / Guo, Hong-Hong / Liu, Tai-Kun --  |t A Nanocomposite Film of Polyoxometalate and TiO2: Preparation, Characterization and Photochromic Property /  |r Liu, Shu-Ping --  |t Application of Inductively Couled Plasma- Mass Spectrometry to the Speciation Analysis of Rare Earth Elements in Ion-Adsorption Rare Earth Ore /  |r Shi, Yi-Hua / Li, Xue-Biao / Yang, Zhong-Ping / Fu, Wei --  |t Electronic Structure of Cu2ZnSn1-xGexS4 New Energy Materials Probed by Soft X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy /  |r Hao, Xiao-Jing / Chen, Jian / Li, Wei / Liu, Fang-Yang / Yan, Chang / Tadich, Anton --  |t Preparation and Performance of a Chitosan/TiO2 Composite Film by Lyer-by- Layer Method /  |r Wang, Wei / Liu, Jia-Rong / Li, Cui-Ping / Guan, Hua-Nan / Fu, Da-Wei / Liang, Jin-Zhong --  |t Facile Route to Synthetize Lanthanum Doped Titanium Dioxide Films for Improved Photocatalytic Performance /  |r Fu, Yu / Wu, Yu-Feng / Zhang, Qi-Jun / Zhang, Kai-Hua --  |t Contact Property of Au on p-InP /  |r Deng, Hong-Hai / Yang, Bo / Guo, Xing-Long / Wang, Qiang / Wang, Zhi- Liang / Shao, Hai-Bao / Ma, Qing-Lan / Shao, Xiu-Mei / Li, Xue / Gong, Hai-Mei --  |t Effect of Polyethylene Oxide Concentration on Separation Performance of PVDF Hollow Fiber Plasma Separation Membrane /  |r Guo, Jian-Hui / Lu, Xiao-Long / Wu, Chun-Feng / Liu, Juan-Juan / Li, Zhen- Dong / Wu, Chun-Rui --  |t Influence of Phosphate Concentration and PH Crystallization of Magnesium Ammonium Phosphate (MAP) /  |r Li, Hong-Lan --  |t Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of CrMoVNbFex High-entropy Alloys /  |r Wang, Jiang / Huang, Wei-Gang --  |t Finite Element Analysis of Composite Shear Walls with Double Steel Plates and Filled Concrete for a Nuclear Island Structure under In-Plane Loading /  |r Li, Xiao-Hu / Li, Xiao-Jun / Wang, Xiao-Hui / Li, Fang-Fang --  |t Exothermal Combustion Synthesis of the Composites TiB2/Ni from Ni-Ti-B System /  |r Zhou, Yu / Lou, Miao-Sen / Zhang, Yi-Qing / Zhu, He-Guo --  |t Research on Wetting Characteristics of Normal Acid, Alcohol and Alkane on Surface of Monocrystal Silicon /  |r Wu, Zhi-Yuan / Wang, Shu-Hui / Tian, Xin-Li / Tang, Xiu-Jian / Yang, Jun- Wei --  |t Effect of Modified Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD) Stainless Steel Slag on Cementitious Properties /  |r Xu, Ying / Zhang, Zi-Zi / Hu, Chen-Guang / Wang, Bian --  |t Optimization of structure Design of Physical Vapour Transport Furnace for Silicon Carbide (SiC) Crystal Growth via Numerical Simulation /  |r Chen, Cheng-Min / Yang, Chun-Zhen / Liu, Guang-Xia / Xu, Min / Wang, Li-Qiu --  |t Thermodynamical Analysis of the Spontaneous Combustion of FeS /  |r Chen, Peng-Fei / Sun, Ying / Zhou, Jia-Min / Wu, Xin-Min / Gong, Liang-Fa / Li, Wei --  |t Cause and Prediction Model of Low Infrared Emissivity for Resin/Flaky Metal Composite Coatings /  |r Zhang, Wei-Gang / Xu, Guo-Yue --  |t Synthesis and Characterization of Modified Carbon Aerogels /  |r Xu, Yue-Long / Yan, Mei-Fang / Liu, Zhen-Fa --  |t A Review on the Application of Photocatalytic Materials /  |r Lin, Lei-Lei / Wang, Xin-Gang / Zhang, Jie --  |t The Preparation of Nano ZnO/PVC and the Photocatalytic Degration of Waste Water from Seafood Processing /  |r Yu, Xiao-Cai / Shang, Xiao-Lin / Zhang, Jian / Ji, Qiu-Yi / Chen, Tao / Chen, Jin-Fang --  |t Efficient Adsorptive Removal of Arsenic from Water by Titanium-Based Metal-Organic Frameworks (MIL-125) /  |r Jiang, Liang / Qiu, Ling-Bing / Li, Yi-Zhou / Guo, Lei / Duan, De-Liang / Wang, Wei / Wang, Jia-Qiang --  |t The Research of SVG in Three-Phase Four-Wire Power System / 
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