The Oxford handbook of French politics / edited by Robert Elgie, Emiliano Grossman, and Amy G. Mazur.

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Published: Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2017.
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Mazur, Amy (Editor)
Series:Oxford handbooks online.
Format: eBook
Table of Contents:
  • A Framework for a Comparative Politics of France / Robert Elgie, Emiliano Grossman, Amy G. Mazur
  • Legislative Politics: Going International, While Staying Native / Olivier Costa
  • Constitutional Politics: The French Case and Theory-Building / Sylvain Brouard
  • Challenges to French Public Administration: Mapping the Vitality of its Knowledge Sources / Philippe Bezes
  • Regional and Local Government: Interpreting Territorial Politics / Romain Pasquier
  • Political Representation: Bringing Elections Back In / Nicolas Sauger
  • How to Study Political Culture Without Naming It / Nonna Mayer, Vincent Tiberj
  • Explaining French Elections: The Need to Meet in the Middle / Michael S. Lewis-Beck, Richard Nadeau
  • Parties and Party Systems: Making the French Socio-Cultural Approach Matter / Florence Haegel
  • Political Communication: From International Institutionalization to National Conquest of Scientific Legitimacy / Jacques GerstleCC
  • Interest Groups: Moving Beyond State-Centric Models / Darren McCauley
  • Republicanism: A Transatlantic Misunderstanding / Yves MeCCny
  • The Study of Social Movements in France: The French Touch and a Comparative Contribution / Olivier Fillieule
  • Women's Movements and Feminism: French Political Sociology Meets a Comparative Feminist Approach / Laure Bereni
  • National Identity in France: A Blind Spot / Sophie Duchesne
  • French Economic Policy: Theory Development and the Three 'I's / Ben Clift
  • Environmental and Energy Policy in France: A Critical Case for Comparative Political Research? / Charlotte Halpern
  • Gender Policy Studies: Distinct, but Making the Comparative Connection / Amy G. Mazur, Anne Revillard
  • France and the Evolution of European Integration: The Exemplary and Pivotal Case for Broader Theories / Craig Parsons
  • Varieties Of Capitalism: A Distinct French Model? / Vivien A. Schmidt
  • Defense and Security Policy: Beyond French Exceptionalism / Bastien Irondelle, Jean Joana, FreCCdeCCric MeCCrand
  • French Aid Through the Comparative Looking Glass: A Representative, Deviant, or Agenda-Setting Case? / Gordon D. Cumming
  • The State Imperative / Jack Hayward
  • The State of Research on French Politics: Towards International Convergence? / Robert Elgie, Emiliano Grossman, Amy G. Mazur
  • The French Welfare System / Patrick Hassenteufel, Bruno Palier
  • Identity, Culture and Politics: The Other and the Self in France / Riva Kastoryano, AngeCCline EscafreCC-Dublet
  • The French Way to Multi-Level Governance: Governance with Government / Gilles Pinson
  • The Europeanization of Public Policy in France: Actor-Centred Approaches / Sabine Saurugger
  • Globalization: French Ambivalence as a Critical Case / Michel Goyer, Miguel Glatzer
  • Executive Politics in France: From Leader to Laggard? / Robert Elgie, Emiliano Grossman.