The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child : a commentary / edited by John Tobin.

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Edition:First edition.
Published: Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2019.
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Series:Oxford commentaries on international law
Format: Book
Table of Contents:
  • The foundation for children's rights / John Tobin
  • Article 1: The definition of a child / David Archard, John Tobin
  • Article 2: The right to non-discrimination / Samantha Besson, Eleonor Kleber
  • Article 3: The best interests of the child / John Eekelaar, John Tobin
  • Article 4: A state's general obligation of implementation / John Tobin
  • Article 5: The right to parental direction and guidance consistent with a child's evolving capacities / John Tobin, Sheila Varadan
  • Article 6: The rights to life, survival, and development / Noam Peleg, John Tobin
  • Article 7: The rights to birth registration, a name, nationality, and to know and be cared for by parents / John Tobin, Florence Seow
  • Article 8: The right to preservation of a child's identity / John Tobin, Jonathan Todres
  • Article 9: The right not to be separated from parents / John Tobin, Judy Cashmore
  • Article 10: The right to family reunification / Jason M. Pobjoy, John Tobin
  • Article 11: Protection against the illicit transfer and non-return of children abroad / John Tobin, with Nigel Lowe, Elliot Luke
  • Article 12: The right to respect for the views of the child / Laura Lundy, John Tobin, Aisling Parkes
  • Article 13: The right to freedom of expression / John Tobin, Aisling Parkes
  • Article 14: The right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion / Sylvie Langlaude Donᣬ John Tobin
  • Article 15: The rights to freedom of association and peaceful assembly / Claire Breen
  • Article 16: The right to protection of privacy, family, home, correspondence, honour, and reputation / John Tobin, Sarah M. Field
  • Article 17: The mass media and children: diversity of sources, quality of content, and protection against harm / John Tobin, Elizabeth Handsley
  • Article 18: Parental responsibilities and state assistance / John Tobin, Florence Seow
  • Article 19: The right to protection against all forms of violence / John Tobin, Judy Cashmore
  • Article 20: Special protection for children deprived of their family environment / John Tobin
  • Article 21: Adoption / Philip Alston, Nigel Cantwell, John Tobin
  • Article 22: Refugee children / Jason M. Pobjoy
  • Article 23: Children with disabilities / Bronagh Byrne
  • Article 24: The right to health / John Tobin
  • Article 25: The right to periodic review / John Tobin, Elliot Luke
  • Article 26: The right to social security / Malcolm Langford, Urfan Khaliq
  • Article 27: The right to a standard of living adequate for the child's development / Aoife Nolan
  • Article 28: The right to education / Christian Courtis, John Tobin
  • Article 29: The aims of education / Laura Lundy, John Tobin
  • Article 30: Cultural, linguistic, and religious rights of minorities and indigenous children / Sonia Harris-Short, John Tobin
  • Article 31: The right to rest, leisure, play, recreation, and participation in cultural life and the arts / Gerison Lansdown, John Tobin
  • Article 32: The right to protection from economic exploitation / Philip Alston
  • Article 33: Protection from narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances / Damon Barrett, John Tobin
  • Article 34: Protection from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse / John Tobin, Florence Seow
  • Article 35: Protection against the abduction, traffic, and sale of children / Anne Gallagher
  • Article 36 : Protection against all other forms of exploitation / John Tobin
  • Article 37: Protection against torture, capital punishment, and arbitrary deprivation of liberty / John Tobin, Harry Hobbs
  • Article 38: The rights of children in armed conflict / Mark A. Drumbl, John Tobin
  • Article 39: The right to reintegration and recovery / John Tobin, Chelsea Marshall
  • Article 40: The rights of the child in the juvenile justice system / John Tobin, with Cate Read
  • The optional protocol on children and armed conflict / Mark A. Drumbl, John Tobin
  • The optional protocol on the sale of children, child prostitution, and child pornography / John Tobin