The Routledge companion to media studies and digital humanities / edited by Jentery Sayers.

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Published: New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018.
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Format: Electronic eBook
Table of Contents:
  • Theory/practice: lessons learned from feminist film studies / Tara McPherson
  • #cut/paste+bleed: entangling feminist affect, action, and production on and offline / Alexandra Juhasz
  • Analog girls in digital worlds: dismantling binaries for digital humanists who research social media / Moya Bailey and Reina Gossett
  • (Cyber)ethnographies of contact, dialogue, friction: connecting, building, placing, and doing "data" / Radhika Gajjala, Erika M. Behrmann, and Jeanette M. Dillon
  • Of, by, and for the internet: new media studies and public scholarship / Aimée Morrison
  • Women who rock: making scenes, building communities: convivencia and archivista praxis for a digital era / Michelle Habell-Pallán, Sonnet Retman, Angelica Macklin, and Monica De La Torre
  • Decolonizing digital humanities in theory and practice / Roopika Risam
  • Interactive narratives: addressing social and political trauma through new media / Isabel Cristina Restrepo Acevedo
  • Wear and care: feminisms at a long maker table / Jacqueline Wernimont and Elizabeth Losh
  • A glitch in the tower: academia, disability, and digital humanities / Elizabeth Ellcessor
  • Game studies for great justice / Amanda Phillips
  • Self-determination in indigenous games / Elizabeth Lapensée
  • Making meaning, making culture: how to think about technology and cultural reproduction / Anne Balsamo
  • Contemporary and future spaces for media studies and digital humanities / Patrik Svensson
  • Finding fault lines: an approach to speculative design / Kari Kraus
  • Game mechanics, experience design, and affective play / Patrick Jagoda and Peter McDonald
  • Critical play and responsible design / Mary Flanagan
  • A call to action: embodied thinking and human-computer interaction design / Jessica Rajko
  • Wearable interfaces, networked bodies, and feminist sleeper agents / Kim Billante Knight
  • Deep mapping: space, place, and narrative as urban interface / Maureen Engel
  • Smart things, smart subjects: how the "internet of things" enacts pervasive media / Beth Coleman
  • Approaching sound / Tara Rodgers
  • Algorhythmics: a diffractive approach for understanding computation / Shintaro Miyazaki
  • Software studies methods / Matthew Fuller
  • Physical computing, embodied practice / Nina Belojevic and Shaun MacPherson
  • Turning practice inside out: digital humanities and the eversion / Steven E. Jones
  • Conjunctive and disjunctive networks: affects, technics, and arts in the experience of relation / Anna Munster
  • From "live" to real time: on future television studies / Mark J. Williams
  • ICYMI: catching up to the moving image online / Gregory Zinman
  • Images on the move: analytics for a mixed methods approach / Virginia Kuhn
  • Lost in the clouds: a media theory of the flight recorder / Paul Benzon
  • Scaffolding, hard and soft: critical and generative infrastructures / Shannon Mattern
  • Obsolescence and innovation in the age of the digital / Kathleen Fitzpatrick
  • Futures of he book / Jon Bath, Alyssa Arbuckle, Constance Crompton, Alex Christie, Ray Siemens, and the Inke Research Group
  • Becoming a rap genius: African American literary studies and collaborative annotation / Howard Rambsy II
  • Traversals: a method of preservation for born-digital texts / Dene Grigar and Stuart Moulthrop
  • New media arts: creativity on the way to the archive / Timothy Murrsay
  • Apprehending the past: augmented reality, archives, and cultural memory / Victoria Szabo
  • Experiencing digital Africana studies: bringing the classroom to life / Bryan Carter
  • Engagements with race, memory, and the built environment in South Africa: a case study in digital humanities / Angel David Nieves
  • Relationships, not records: digital heritage and the ethics of sharing indigenous knowledge online / Kimberly Christen
  • Searching, mining, and interpreting media history's big data / Eric Hoyt, Tony Tran, Derek Long, Kit Hughes, and Kevin Ponto
  • The intimate lives of cultural objects / Jeffrey Schnapp
  • Timescape and memory: visualizing big data at the 9/11 memorial museum / Lauren F. Klein
  • Programming as literacy / Annette Vee
  • Expressive processing: interpretation and creation / Noah Wardrip-Fruin
  • Building interactive studies / Anastasia Salter
  • Reading culture through code / Mark C. Marino
  • Critical unmaking: toward a queer computation / Jacob Gaboury
  • Making things to make sense of things: DIY as research and practice / Kat Jungnickel
  • Environmental sensing and "media" as practice in the making / Jennifer Gabrys
  • Approaching design as inquiry: magic, myth, and metaphor in digital fabrication / Daniela K. Rosner.