An introduction to work and organizational psychology : an international perspective / edited by Nik Chmiel, Franco Fraccaroli and Magnus Sverke.

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Edition:Third edition.
Published: Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons Inc., 2017.
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Chmiel, Nik (Editor)
Format: Electronic eBook
Table of Contents:
  • Front Matter
  • Job-Focused. What Do People Really Do at Work? Job Analysis and Design / Stephen A Woods, Daniel P Hinton
  • How Do I Get a Job, What Are They Looking For? Personnel Selection and Assessment / Silvia Moscoso, Jesús F Salgado, Neil Anderson
  • How Can I Shape My Job to Suit Me Better? Job Crafting for Sustainable Employees and Organizations / Pascale M Le Blanc, Evangelia Demerouti, Arnold B Bakker
  • What Am I Supposed to Do in My Job? Set Goals and Appraise Your People / Gary P Latham
  • Why Is My Job So Stressful? Characteristics, Processes and Models of Stress at Work / Jan de Jonge, Christian Dormann
  • Digital Technologies at Work Are Great, Aren't They? The Development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Their Relevance in the World of Work / Christian Korunka, Matti Vartiainen
  • Whose Side Is Technology on, Really? On the Interdependence of Work and Technology / Michael Allvin, Fredrik Movitz
  • Why Did I Choose That Career Path? Approaches to Vocational Choices and People's Readiness to Self-Manage their Own Career Paths / Guido Sarchielli
  • Organization-Focused. How Do We Get New Entrants 'On Board'? Organizational Socialization, Psychological Contracts, and Realistic Job Previews / Allison M Ellis, Talya N Bauer
  • How Does Power Affect Those Who Have It and Those Who Don't? Power Inside Organizations / Lourdes Munduate, Francisco J Medina
  • Does It Matter Who Leads Us?: The Study of Organizational Leadership / E Kevin Kelloway, Stephanie Gilbert
  • Why Are We in a Team? Effects of Teamwork and How to Enhance Team Effectiveness / Annika Lantz Friedrich, Daniela Ulber
  • How Do We React When Our Organization Changes? Perspectives on Employees' Appraisal of Change, Consequences and Mitigating Factors / Magnus Sverke, Helena Falkenberg, Johnny Hellgren, Chang-qin Lu, Jaco Pienaar
  • How Do We Feel and Behave When We're Not Permanent Full-Time Employees? The Case of the Diverse Forms of Non-Standard Work / Claudia Bernhard-Oettel, Nele De Cuyper, Megan Murphy, Catherine E Connelly
  • Why Should Organizations Treat Their Employees Fairly? Definition, Relevance, and Consequences of Justice at Work / Constanze Eib, Guillaume Soenen
  • What Does Our Organization Do to Help Our Well-Being? Creating Healthy Workplaces and Workers / Arla Day, Karina Nielsen
  • People-Focused. Does It Matter Who We Are? Personality at Work / Adrian Furnham
  • How Do I Learn What to Do? How the Science of Training Supports Learning / Amanda Woods, Julie Dinh, Eduardo Salas
  • How Much Effort Will I Put into My Work? It Depends on Your Type of Motivation / Anja Van den Broeck, Joseph Carpini, Hannes Leroy, James M Diefendorff
  • How Do We Handle Computer-Based Technology? What Is the Cost/Benefit Ratio of Technology for Workers? / Fred R H Zijlstra, Anne-Sophie Nyssen
  • Why Do I Put Myself and Others in Danger or Help Increase Safety? Person- and Situation-Related Causes of Safety Behaviours / Nik Chmiel, Gudela Grote
  • Does It Matter Whether I Am a Happy and Committed Worker? The Role of Identification, Commitment and Job Satisfaction for Employee Behaviour / Rolf van Dick, Lucas Monzani
  • How Does Work Fit with My Life? The Relation Between Flexible Work Arrangements, Work-Life Balance and Recovery from Work / Göran Kecklund, Debby G J Beckers, Constanze Leineweber, Philip Tucker
  • What Happens When I Get Older? Older Workers, Late Careers and Transitions to Retirement / Franco Fraccaroli, Marco Depolo, Mo Wang
  • Advising the Organization. How Do We Work with Organizations? / Henry Honkanen, Diana Rus
  • Case Studies. A Strategic Approach to Improving Well-Being in a Large Railway Company / Ivan Robertson, Matthew Smeed, Victoria Ward
  • Humiliation: Why We Deserve Respect at Work / Barbara Kozusżnik
  • Resilience Development Through an Organization-Led Well-Being Initiative / Katharina Näswall, Sanna Malinen, Joana Kuntz
  • Positive Action: Effectively Increasing Diversity at the Top / Nic Hammarling
  • Age Management / Christian Stamov-Ronagel