Table of Contents:
  • 1. The making of Chinese business culture : culture versus organizational imperatives / Chang Ly-Yun and Tony Tam
  • 2. Chinese business firms and entrepreneurs in Hong Kong / Raymond Sin-Kwok Wong
  • 3. Corporate capitalism and socialist China / Andrew Wedeman
  • 4. Inter-ethnic cooperation in transnational perspective : Malaysian Chinese investments in the United Kingdom / Edmund Terence Gomez
  • 5. Networking strategies of Taiwanese firms in Southeast Asia and China / Chen Tain-Jy and Ku Ying-Hua
  • 6. Interfirm networking by Taiwanese enterprises in Malaysia and Indonesia / Chen Dung-Sheng, Jou Sue-Ching, and Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao
  • 7. Asia in Los Angeles : ethnic Chinese banking in the age of globalization / Maria W. L. Chee, Gary A. Dymski, and Wei Li
  • 8. Pathways to recovery : bankers, business, and nationalism in Thailand / Kevin Hewison.