Changing inequalities and societal impacts in rich countries : thirty countries' experiences / edited by Brian Nolan [and six others].

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Edition:First edition.
Published: Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2014.
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Nolan, Brian, 1953- (Editor of compilation)
Format: Book
Table of Contents:
  • Machine generated contents note: 1.Introduction / Herman van de Werfhorst
  • 2.Revisiting Grand Narratives of Growing Inequalities: Lessons from 30 Country Studies / Istvan Gyorgy Toth
  • 3.Australia: Inequality and Prosperity and their Impacts in a Radical Welfare State / Peter Whiteford
  • 4.Austria---The Bastion of Calm? Stability and Change in Inequalities in Times of Welfare State Reforms and Employment Flexibilization / Nina-Sophie Fritsch
  • 5.Between Economic Growth And Social Justice: Different Inequality Dynamics in the Baltic States / Kaia Philips
  • 6.Belgium: When Growing Background Inequalities Meet Resilient Institutions / Ive Marx
  • 7.Bulgaria: Rising Inequality in the Period of Transition and Restrictive Incomes Policy / Bogdan Bogdanov
  • 8.Rising Inequality and its Impact in Canada: The Role of National Debt / Mitch McIvor
  • 9.Sources and Impact of Rising Inequality in Denmark / Niels Westergaard-Nielsen

  • Contents note continued: 10.Finland: Growing Inequality with Contested Consequences / Mikko Niemela
  • 11.France: How Taxation can Increase Inequality / Thomas Piketty
  • 12.Germany: Rising Inequality and the Transformation of Rhine Capitalism / Reinhard Pollak
  • 13.Greece: The (Eventual) Social Hardship of Soft Budget Constraints / Dimitri Sotiropoulos
  • 14.Hungary: A Country Caught in its Own Trap / Istvan Gyorgy Toth
  • 15.Ireland: Inequality and its Impacts in Boom and Bust / Nessa Winston
  • 16.Italy: How Labour Market Policies can Foster Earnings Inequality / Francesco Scervini
  • 17.Rising Inequality in Japan: A Challenge Caused by Population Ageing and Drastic Changes in Employment / Fumio Ohtake
  • 18.Korea: The Great U-Turn in Inequality and the Need for Social Security Provisions / Hyun Joo Kim
  • 19.Luxembourg: Has Inequality Grown Enough to Matter? / Bogdan Voicu

  • Contents note continued: 20.The Netherlands: Policy-enhanced Inequalities Tempered by Household Formation / Natascha Notten
  • 21.The Rise of Inequalities in Poland and their Impacts: When Politicians Don't Care but Citizens Do / Barbara Jancewicz
  • 22.Portugal: There and Back Again, an Inequality's Tale / Isabel Andrade
  • 23.Romania: High Rising Inequality Over Two Decades of Post-communist Transformation / Marius Precupetu
  • 24.Slovakia and the Czech Republic: Inequalities and Convergences after the Velvet Divorce / Zuzana Siebertova
  • 25.Slovenia: An Equal Society Despite the Transition / Miroljub Ignjatovic
  • 26.Spain: What Can We Learn from Past Decreasing Inequalities? / Monica Oviedo
  • 27.Sweden: Increasing Income Inequalities and Changing Social Relations / Kenneth Nelson
  • 28.Divided We Fall? The Wider Consequences of High and Unrelenting Inequality in the UK / Tiffany Tsang
  • 29.The United States: High and Rapidly-rising Inequality / Timothy Smeeding

  • Contents note continued: 30.Conclusions: Learning from Diversity about Increasing Inequality, its Impacts and Responses? / Herman van de Werfhorst.