European media [electronic resource] : structures, policies and identity / Stylianos Papathanassopoulos and Ralph Negrine.

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Published: Cambridge ; Malden, MA : Polity, 2011.
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Series:Global media and communication.
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100 1 |a Papathanassopoulos, S. 
245 1 0 |a European media  |h [electronic resource] :  |b structures, policies and identity /  |c Stylianos Papathanassopoulos and Ralph Negrine. 
260 |a Cambridge ;  |a Malden, MA :  |b Polity,  |c 2011. 
300 |a 1 online resource. 
490 1 |a Global media and communication 
504 |a Includes bibliographical references (p. 186-207) and index. 
505 0 0 |a Machine generated contents note:  |g 1.  |t Introduction: The Media in the European Context --  |t Dimensions of Europeanization --  |t organization of the book --  |g pt. I  |t Political Economy of Media in Europe --  |g 2.  |t Structure of (Old) Media in Europe --  |t Media models --  |t challenges to public broadcasting systems --  |t consolidation of the media industry --  |t foundation of new regulatory bodies --  |t newspaper sector --  |t Summary --  |g 3.  |t New Media in Europe --  |t new media and European industrial policy --  |t penetration of the internet in Europe --  |t development of digital television --  |t Internet protocol television (IPTV) --  |t Mobile TV --  |t High definition TV (HDTV) --  |t From VCR to DVD --  |t Radio: the analogue medium? --  |t Newspapers: between the internet and the freesheets --  |t Summary --  |g pt. II  |t Europeanization of the European Media --  |g 4.  |t Europeanizing the Media of Europe --  |t Audiovisual policy: from `Television without Frontiers' to `Audiovisual Media Services' --  |t Country of origin --  |t Linear and non-linear audiovisual services --  |t Advertising --  |t Product placement --  |t Support schemes --  |t EU policy on media ownership --  |t Public broadcasting and the EU --  |t Summary --  |g 5.  |t Question of Content: Quality, Availability and Production --  |t New media, new content --  |t EU and the new media `content' --  |t Television content --  |t increase in the volume of programming --  |t new `defi americain' --  |t increase in the volume of European productions --  |t Media programme --  |t importance of programme rights --  |t Copyright --  |t Summary --  |g 6.  |t Audiences and Consumption --  |t media-rich society --  |t Changing media, changing patterns of consumption --  |t impact of the internet --  |t TV versus internet --  |t Cable and satellite TV --  |t Different patterns of media consumption --  |t Preferences in TV programmes --  |t Media consumption at home --  |t Summary: the multimedia environment and multitasking --  |g pt. III  |t Europe as a Cultural and Political Project --  |g 7.  |t Public Communication in Europe: Constructing Europe and the European Public Sphere --  |t EU media studies --  |t European public sphere- what is it, is there one and do we need it? --  |t European public sphere --  |t EU journalism and the European public sphere --  |t What drives EU news coverage? What are the news values adopted? How do journalists work? --  |t Too much or too little coverage of the EU? --  |t EU communicating the EU: Plan D for Democracy, Dialogue and Debate --  |t Media and politics in a European context --  |t Change at the level of media and media practice --  |t Changes at the level of the political party --  |t Media and politics in the era of the internet --  |t Summary --  |g 8.  |t Media and European Identity --  |t Europe and Europeanness: Where is Europe? What is the European Union? --  |t Becoming European --  |t European identity --  |t Being part of Europe --  |t How Europe sees itself and others: the coverage of Turkey's accession bid in 2004 --  |t Turkey, the EU and accession talks in 2004: newspaper coverage in some member states --  |t place of history, culture and memory in the French and British press coverage --  |t Summary --  |g 9.  |t Conclusions. 
505 0 |a 1. Introduction: The Media in the European Context ---- Part I: The Political Economy of Media in Europe. 2. The Structure of (Old) Media in Europe --- 3. The New Media in Europe ---- Part II: The Europeanization of the European Media. 4. Europeanizing the Media of Europe --- 5. The Question of Content: Quality, Availability and Production --- 6. Audiences and Consumption ---- Part III: Europe as a Cultural and Political Project. 7. Public Communication in Europe: Constructing Europe and the European public Sphere --- 8. Media and European Identity --- 9. Conclusions. 
506 |a Access restricted to VUW staff and students. 
520 |a European Media provides a clear, concise account of the structures, dynamics and realities of the changing face of media in Europe. It offers a timely and illuminating appraisal of the issues surrounding the development of new media in Europe and explores debates about the role of the media in the formation of a European public sphere and a European identity. The book argues that Europe offers an ideal context for examining interactions between global, regional and national media processes and its individual chapters consider: the changing structure of the European media; the development of new media; the Europeanization of the media in the region; the challenges for the content; and audiences. Special emphasis is given to the transformation of political communication in Europe and the alleged emergence of a European public sphere and identity. 
650 0 |a Mass media  |z Europe. 
650 0 |a Mass media  |x Political aspects  |z Europe. 
650 0 |a Mass media policy  |z Europe. 
650 0 |a Group identity  |z Europe. 
700 1 |a Negrine, Ralph M. 
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830 0 |a Global media and communication. 
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