The politics of authoritarian rule / Milan W. Svolik, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

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Published: Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, c2012
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Series:Cambridge studies in comparative politics
Format: Book
Table of Contents:
  • 1. Introduction: the anatomy of dictatorship
  • 2. The world of authoritarian politics
  • Part I. The problem of authoritarian power-sharing
  • 3. And then there was one!: Authoritarian power-sharing and the path to personal dictatorship
  • 4. When and why institutions contribute to authoritarian stability: commitment, monitoring, and collective action problems in authoritarian power-sharing
  • Part II. The problem of authoritarian control
  • 5. Moral hazard in authoritarian repression and the origins of military dictatorships
  • 6. Why authoritarian parties?: the regime party as an instrument of co-optation and control
  • 7. Conclusion: incentives and institutions in authoritarian politics.