Mastering public health : essential skills for effective practice / edited by Barry S. Levy, Joyce R. Gaufin.

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Published: New York : Oxford University Press, c2012.
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Format: Book
Table of Contents:
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  • Foreword / Edward L. Baker
  • Part I: Communication 1. Communicating with the Public / Diana M. Bont©Ł and Diana Halper
  • Commentary 1-1: Lessons Learned from Communicating with the Public / Jonathan E. Fielding
  • Commentary 1-2: How to Prepare for a Media Interview / Norman S. Hartman
  • 2. Persuading Others: How to Advocate / Patricia A. Nolan
  • Commentary 2-1: Lessons Learned from Advocacy for Health Care Reform / Quentin D. Young, Margie Schaps, and Ida Hellander
  • Commentary 2-2: Lessons Learned from Advocacy for the Promotion of Peace and Public Health / Victor W. Sidel, John Loretz, and Robert M. Gould
  • Commentary 2-3: How Public Health Workers Can Be Directly Involved in Policy-making Processes / E. Richard Brown
  • 3. Making a Presentation / Joyce R. Gaufin and Barry S. Levy
  • Commentary 3-1: Using Active Learning to Make Presentations Memorable / Vonna Henry
  • Commentary 3-2: Making Presentations with Passion and Props / Virginia A. Caine
  • Commentary 3-3: An Example of How to Accept an Award with Humility, Authenticity, and Grace / Robert Garc©Ưa
  • Commentary 3-4: The Gettysburg Address as a PowerPoint Presentation / Barry S. Levy
  • 4. Writing for Publication / Omar A. Khan and Tim Brookes
  • Commentary 4-1: Honing Your Writing Skills for Peer-reviewed Publication / Mary E. Northridge
  • Commentary 4-2: 21 Tips for Clearer Writing / Barry S. Levy and Joyce R. Gaufin
  • Commentary 4-3: The Evolution of Writing a Book: My Experience / Linda Landesman
  • 5. Practicing Cultural Competence / Carol Easley Allen and Cheryl E. Easley
  • Commentary 5-1: Sexuality and Diet: Two Examples of the Importance of Cultural Competence / Carmen R. Nevarez
  • Part II: Administration and Management
  • 6. How to Work Within an Organization / Tricia Todd and Shailendra Prasad
  • Commentary 6-1: Lessons Learned from Working in Organizations / J. Alan Baker
  • 7. Planning and Budgeting / Walter Tsou
  • Commentary 7-1: How to Plan and Budget in an Emergency Situation / Esther D. Chernak
  • Commentary 7-2: Lessons Learned from Experience in Financial Management and Oversight / Melvin D. Shipp
  • 8. Improving and Maintaining Quality / Ron Bialek and John W. Moran
  • Commentary 8-1: Improving Quality in Your Organization / Paul Halverson
  • 9. Obtaining Funding / Fern Percheski and Robyn Powers
  • Commentary 9-1: Fundraising from Individuals and Corporations / Lyndon Haviland
  • 10. Recruiting and Developing Employees / Donna R. Dinkin, Sylvester Taylor, and Joyce R. Gaufin
  • Commentary 10-1: Hiring and Retaining the Right Workers in the Right Jobs / Kristine M. Gebbie
  • Part III: Leadership
  • 11. Creating a Vision and Inspiring Others / Robert S. Lawrence and Barry S. Levy
  • Commentary 11-1: People Who Have Inspired Us / James (Jim) Grant, Helene Gayle, Helen Rodriguez-Trias, and William (Bill) Foege
  • 12. Transforming Organizations by Using Systems Thinking / Charlotte Roberts and Frankie Byrum
  • Commentary 12-1: Lessons Learned in Transforming the Veterans Health System / Kenneth W. Kizer
  • 13. Creating and Sustaining Change / Magda G. Peck
  • Commentary 13-1: Fluoridation: Bringing About and Maintaining Change / Myron Allukian, Jr.
  • Commentary 13-2: Build the Stomach for the Journey / Ronald Heifetz, Alexander Grashow, and Martin Linsky
  • 14. Facilitating Negotiation and Mediation / Giorgio A. Piccagli
  • Commentary 14-1: Lessons Learned About Negotiation from a Career in Public Health / David J. Sencer
  • 15. Collaborating With Others / Darrin K. Hicks and Carl E. Larson
  • Commentary 15-1: Lessons Learned from Establishing a Collaborative Graduate Program that Evolved into a Collaborative School of Public Health / Audrey Gotsch and Michael Greenberg
  • Commentary 15-2: A Funder's Work to Facilitate and Nurture Collaboration / Martin D. Cohen.