Treasures of the University of Canterbury Library / edited by Chris Jones and Bronwyn Matthews with Jennifer Clement.

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Published: Christchurch, N.Z. : Canterbury University Press, 2011.
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Format: Book
Table of Contents:
  • Special collections at the University of Canterbury Library / Bronwyn Matthews
  • From pen to print: Canterbury & the first information age / Chris Jones
  • To be continued: further chapters in the story of Canterbury's rare books / Jennifer Clement
  • Architecture & design. Introduction / Bronwyn Matthews. James Stuart & Nicholas Revett, The Antiquities of Athens / Patrick O'Sullivan. Sir William Chambers, A Treatise on Civil Architecture / Ian Lochhead. A record of the rebuilding of Baroque Rome / Ian Lochhead. Robert Thompson, The Gardener's Assistant / Mary Lovell-Smith. The Palace of Peace at The Hague / Ian Lochhead
  • Telling stories. Introduction / Jennifer Clement. Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy / Geoffrey Rice. Samuel Butler, Hudibras / Geoffrey Rice. Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass / Jennifer Clement. Christina Rossetti, Goblin Market / Bronwyn Matthews. Charles Perrault's Tales illustrated by Gustave Doré / Emilie Sitzia. The Ursula Bethell Collection / Jeff Palmer
  • Faith & belief. Introduction / Chris Jones. A friar's bible / Anna Milne. Public & private devotion in the Middle Ages / Anna Milne. The Lübeck Bible / Gareth Pritchard. The King James Bible / Peter Carrell. John Donne, Devotions upon Emergent Occasions / Jennifer Clement
  • Remembering the past. Introduction / Chris Jones. The Canterbury Roll / Chris Jones. The Canterbury Sallast / Gary Morrison. Whakapapa books / Te Maire Tau. The Nuremburg Chronicle / John Hawes. William Harrison's The Description of Britaine / Jennifer Clement. Tokyo war crimes collection / Neil Boister. The Pacific Leprosy Foundation archive / Jane Buckingham
  • The art of printing. Introduction / Bronwyn Matthews. Musical pastedowns in a sixteenth-century bible / Bronwyn Matthews. Gamonet & Daniel's Servins / Alison Holcroft. William Colenso & early printing in Māori / Helen Bones. Tale of Shiranui (Shiranui monogatari / Richard Bullen. William Morris, the Kelmscott Press & A Dream of John Ball / David Monger. Printing in Canterbury / Helen Bones
  • The British world. Introduction / Jennifer Clement. A great Canadian bridge / Bronwyn Matthews. Francis Russell's 'Waimakariri' Waltz: colonial familiarity / Brian W. Pritchard. The A.C. Graham collection / Jeff Palmer. A Tudor statute book / David Round. Henry VIII, Defence of the Seven Sacraments / Chris Jones. Nicholas Cox, The Gentleman's Recreation / Philip Armstrong. Edward Ravenscroft, Pinetum Britannicum / Euan Mason
  • Introduction / Bronwyn Matthews. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society / Andy Pratt. Boyle & Descartes / Andy Pratt. What's in a face? Lavater's Essays on Physiognomy / Emilie Sitzia. A social history of eighteenth-century dictionaries / Geoffrey Rice
  • Ideas & connections. Introduction / Chris Jones. William Combe, A History of the University of Oxford / Peter S. Field. Two lectures on religion by Karl Popper / Diane Proudfoot. Indigenous knowldge systems: Tom Green's Notebook / Te Maire Tau. Arthur Prior's legacy at Canterbury / Jack Copeland. The prior archive: a testimony to advanced research / Aneta Markoska-Cubrinovska
  • Exploration & discovery. Introduction / Chris Jones. David Gregory's Euclid / Clemency Montelle. Barchausen, Elementa chemiae / Andy Pratt. Emanuel Bowen, A Complete System of Geography / Katie Pickles. Dumont d'Urville & the search for the magnetic South Pole / Ursula Rack. The Zoology of the Voyage og H.M.S Erebus & Terror / Richard N. Holdaway. Carolus Clusius's Account of Rare Plants / Pieter B. Pelser. Berthold Seemann & his Flora Vitiensis / W.R. Sykes
  • Digital pasts, print futures / Jennifer Clement.