Facies models 4 / edited by Noel P. James and Robert W. Dalrymple.

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Published: St. John's, Nfld. : Geological Association of Canada, 2010, c2010.
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Series:GEOtext ; 6.
Format: Book
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  • Principles, tools and concepts. Introduction to the volume / Noel P. James and Robert W. Dalrymple ; Interpreting sedimentary successions : facies, facies analysis and facies models / Robert W. Dalrymple ; Ichnology and facies models / James A. MacEachern ... [et al.]
  • Terrigenous clastic facies models. Introduction to siliciclastic facies models / Robert W. Dalrymple ; Glacial deposits / Carolyn H. Eyles and Nick Eyles ; Alluvial deposits / Andrew Miall ; Eolian systems / Michael E. Brookfield and Simone Silvestro ; Wave- and storm-dominated shoreline and shallow-marine systems / A. Guy Plint ; Tidal depositional systems / Robert W. Dalrymple ; Deltas / Janok P. Bhattacharya ; Transgressive wave-dominated coasts / Ron Boyd ; Deep-marine sediments and sedimentary systems / R. William C. Arnott
  • Chemical and biochemical facies models. Introduction to biological and chemical sedimentary facies models / Noel P. James, Alan C. Kendall and Peir K. Pufahl ; Warm-water neritic carbonates / Brien Joens ; Cool- and cold-water neritic carbonates / Noel P. James and Jeff Lukasik ; Peritidal carbonates / Brian R. Pratt ; Reefs / Noel P. James and Rachel Wood ; Carbonate slopes / Ted E. Playton, Xavier Janson and Charles Kerans ; Bioelemental sediments / Peir K. Pufahl ; Marine evaporites / Alan C. Kendall ; Lakes / Robin W. Renaut and Elizabeth H. Gierlowski-Kordesch.