Family business governance : maximizing family and business potential / Craig E. Aronoff and John L. Ward.

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Published: New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, c2011.
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Series:Family business leadership series.
Format: Book
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  • Excellence at your vocation, from homemaking to investment banking : excellence at any vocation requires hard work, high standards, expertise, and education : excellence earns respect
  • Flexibility in your views of difficult issues : that means you have the ability and desire to listen to other points of view, an ability to empathize, and an understanding that you aren't always right : open-mindedness reduces defensiveness
  • Literacy in business language and the characteristics of your industry : family members who are willing to hold themselves accountable to the business will learn how to interpret financial statements, judge competitors, and keep up with business trends : literacy eases communication
  • Preparedness to understand business concerns : this means a willingness to do your homework and to study and understand the information you are given by management
  • Trust in management : family members' trust in experienced, talented managers makes it easier for management to institute constructive changes, innovate and take the risks necessary to running a successful business : the more trusting family shareholders are, the greater is their capacity to strengthen the business : trust makes teamwork possible.