Spatial data analysis : theory and practice / Robert Haining.

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Published: Cambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2003.
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Format: Book
Table of Contents:
  • Pt. A. The context for spatial data analysis
  • 1. Spatial data analysis: scientific and policy context
  • 2. The nature of spatial data
  • Pt. B. Spatial data: obtaining data and quality issues
  • 3. Obtaining spatial data through sampling
  • 4. Data quality implications for spatial data analysis
  • Pt. C. The exploratory analysis of spatial data
  • 5. Exploratory spatial data analysis: conceptual models
  • 6. Exploratory spatial data analysis: visualization methods
  • 7. Exploratory spatial data analysis: numerical methods
  • Pt. D. Hypothesis testing and spatial autocorrelation
  • 8. Hypothesis testing in the presence of spatial dependence
  • Pt. E. Modelling spatial data
  • 9. Models for the statistical analysis of spatial data
  • 10. Statistical modelling of spatial variation: descriptive modelling
  • 11. Statistical modelling of spatial variation: explanatory modelling
  • App. II. Cambridgeshire lung cancer data
  • App. III. Sheffield burglary data
  • App. IV. Children excluded from school: Sheffield.