Professional practice of psychology in Aotearoa New Zealand / edited by Ian M. Evans, Julia J. Rucklidge, Michael O'Driscoll.

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Published: Wellington, N.Z. : New Zealand Psychological Society, c2007.
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245 0 0 |a Professional practice of psychology in Aotearoa New Zealand /  |c edited by Ian M. Evans, Julia J. Rucklidge, Michael O'Driscoll. 
260 |a Wellington, N.Z. :  |b New Zealand Psychological Society,  |c c2007. 
300 |a xxii, 550 p. ;  |c 24 cm. 
504 |a Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0 |a President's foreword / Raymond Nairn -- Editor's introduction : psychology as a professional community / The editors -- Ethics : the foundation for practice / Fred Seymour -- Pt. 1. Respect for the dignity of persons. Overview. Ch. 1. Ethical principles and cultural justice in psychological practice / Raymond Nairn. Ch. 2. Practice of psychology in Aotearoa : a Māori perspective / Averil M L Herbert and Laurie E Morrison. Ch. 3. Pākehā culture and psychology / Roseanne Black and Ingrid Huygens. Ch. 4. A Pasifika perspective of psychology in Aotearoa / Denise Kingi-Ulu'ave, Monique Faleafa and Tansy Brown. Ch. 5. Asian peoples in New Zealand : implications for psychological practice / Mei Wah Williams and Alice M.M.M.T. Cleland. Ch. 6. Informed consent in research and clinical practice with adults / Robert G Knight and Richard J Linscott. Ch. 7. Working with children & youth : issues of consent / Julia J Rucklidge and Tim Williams. Ch. 8. Confidentiality and privacy / Joanne E Taylor and Jan A Dickson. Confidentiality with children and young people / Tim Williams and Julia J Rucklidge -- Pt. 2. Responsible caring. Overview. Ch. 10. Research ethics and the protection of human participants / Kerry Chamberlain. Ch. 11. Client-professional relationship / Eileen Britt and Astrid Kalders. Ch. 12. Suicidal behaviour and practitioner issues / Annette L Beautrais and Lois J Surgenor. Ch. 13. Supervision in Aotearoa New Zealand / Fiona Howard, Beverley Burns and Waikaremoana Waitoki. Ch. 14. Training and supporting a Māori workforce / Jhanitra Gavala and Melissa Taitimu. Ch. 15. Professional wellbeing / Dianne Gardner and Michael O'Driscoll. Ch. 16. The New Zealand Psychologists Board / Steve Osborne and Anne Goodhead. Ch. 17. Multicultural competence in bicultural Aotearoa / Catherine Love and Waikaremoana Waitoki -- Pt. 3. Integrity. Overview. Ch. 18. Integrating research and practice in professional psychology : models and paradigms / Ian M Evans and John Fitzgerald. Ch. 19. Professional judgement and decision making / Rachael Collie and Tony Ward. Ch. 20. The effective use of psychometirc assessments in decision making / John Eatwell and Ian Wilson. Ch. 21. Assessment of outcomes in mental health settings / John Fitzgerald. Ch. 22. Practising clinical neuropsychology in Aotearoa New Zealand / Jenni A Ogden. Ch. 23. Accountability and the complaint process / Lois J. Surgenor and Complaints and Discipline Committee New Zealand Psychologists Board -- Pt. 4. Social justice. Overview. Ch. 24. Social justice, community change / Leigh Coombes and Erika Te Hiwi. Ch. 25. Child abuse and neglect : prevention and intervention / Cheryl Woolley and Mary Gregory. Ch. 26. Supporting adolescents in New Zealand society / Sue Jackson. Ch. 27. Psychology in a criminal justice context : principles and interventions / Nick J Wilson, Armon Tamatea and David Riley. Ch. 28. Principles of psychological work with people with intellectual disabilities / Olive J Webb, Marleen Verhoeven and Erin Eggleston. Ch. 29. Beyond educational and clinical psychology : working with children, families and the agencies that care for them / Karyn France ... [et al.]. Ch. 30. Psychology for enhancing physical health in New Zealand / Malcolm W Stewart and Marie J Young. Ch. 31. Mental health of older people in Aotearoa New Zealand : needs, issues and psychological approaches to management / P.S.D.V. Prasadarao. 
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700 1 |a Evans, Ian M.,  |d 1944- 
700 1 |a Rucklidge, Julia J. 
700 1 |a O'Driscoll, Michael P. 
710 2 |a New Zealand Psychological Society. 
991 |a 2007-10-08 
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