Semiconductor defect engineering--materials, synthetic structures and devices : symposium held March 28-April 1, 2005, San Francisco, California, U.S.A. / editors, S. Ashok ... [et al.].

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Published: Warrendale, Pa. : Materials Research Society, c2005.
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Series:Materials Research Society symposia proceedings ; v. 864.
Format: Conference Proceeding Book
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  • Grown-in and radiation-induced defects in 4H-SiC / T. A. G. Eberlein, R. Jones, P. R. Briddon and S. Oberg
  • A study of V[superscript 3+] and the vanadium acceptor level in semi-insulating 6H-SiC / Wonwoo Lee and Mary E. Zvanut
  • Role of the substrate doping in the activation of Fe[superscript 2+] centers in Fe implanted InP / T. Cesca, A. Gasparotto, G. Mattei, A. Verna, B. Fraboni, G. Impellizzeri and F. Priolo
  • Growth and electrical properties of ZnO grown by closed space vapor transport on sapphire substrates / J. Mimila-Arroyo, J. F. Rommeluere, M. Barbe, F. Jomard, A. Tromson-Carli, O. Gorochov, Y. Marfaing and P. Galtier
  • Chromium diffusion doping of commercial ZnSe and CdTe windows for mid-infrared solid-state laser applications / U. Hommerich, I. K. Jones, EiEi Nyein and S. B. Trivedi
  • Structural and optical properties of thin metal-oxide films (ZnO and SnO[subscript x]) deposited on glass and silicon substrates / Serekbol Zh. Tokmoldin, Bulat N. Mukashev, Nurzhan B. Beisenkhanov, Azamat B. Aimagambetov and Irina V. Ovcharenko
  • Structural characterization of GaN epilayers grown on patterned sapphire substrates / Chang-Soo Kim, Ji-Hyun Moon, Sang-Jun Lee, Sam-Kyu Noh, Je Won Kim, Kyuhan Lee, Yong Dae Choi and Jay P. Song
  • Effect of substrate orientation on the growth rate and surface morphology on GaSb grown by metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy / Jian Yu and Ishwara B. Bhat
  • Pt[subscript s]-O[subscript 1] complex formation in platinum diffused silicon / Wilfried Vervisch, Laurent Ventura, Bernard Pichaud, Gerard Ducreux and Andre Lhorte
  • Diffusion of fluorine-silicon interstitial complex in crystalline silicon / Scott A. Harrison, Thomas F. Edgar and Gyeong S. Hwang
  • Impacts of back surface conditions on the behavior of oxygen in heavily arsenic doped czochralski silicon wafers / Q. Wang, Manmohan Daggubati, Hossein Paravi, Rong Yu and Xiao Feng Zhang
  • Influence of oxygen vacancies and strain on electronic reliability of SiO[subscript 2-x] films / Ken Suzuki, Yuta Ito, Hideo Miura and Tetsuo Shoji
  • Identification and characterization of submicron defects for semiconductor processing / Wei Liu, Aime Fausz, John Svoboda, Brian Butcher, Rick Williams and Steve Schauer
  • Experimental observation of formation processes in Si/SiO[subscript 2] interface defects using in situ UHV-ESR system / N. Mizuochi, W. Futako and S. Yamasaki
  • Efficient detection of oxygen vacancy double donors in capacitors with ultra-thin Ta[subscript 2]O[subscript 5] films for DRAM applications by zero-bias thermally stimulated current spectroscopy / W. S. Lau, L. Zhong, Taejoon Han and Nathan P. Sandler
  • Investigation of GaNAsSb/GaAs and GaInNAsSb/GaNAs/GaAs band offsets / Homan B. Yuen, Robert Kudrawiec, K. Ryczko, S. R. Bank, M. A. Wistey, H. P. Bae, J. Misiewicz and J. S. Harris, Jr.
  • Ultra-shallow junctions for the 65 nm node based on defect and stress engineering / Victor Moroz, Majeed Foad, Houda Graoui, Faran Nouri, Dipu Pramanik and Susan Felch
  • N+/P and P+/N junctions in strained Si on strain relaxed SiGe buffers : the effect of defect density and layer structure / G. Eneman, E. Simoen, R. Delhougne, P. Verheyen, M. Ries, R. Loo, M. Caymax, W. Vandervorst and K. De Meyer
  • Morphology, defects and thermal stability of SiGe grown on SOI / Qianghua Xie, Mike Kottke, Xiangdong Wang, Mike Canonico, Ted White, Bich-Yen Nguyen, Alex Barr, Shawn Thomas and Ran Liu
  • Characterization of ultrathin strained-Si channel layers of n-MOSFETs using transmission electron microscopy / Dalaver H. Anjum, Jian Li, Guangrui Xia, Judy L. Hoyt and Robert Hull
  • Point defects interaction with extended defects and impurities and its influence on the Si-SiO[subscript 2] system properties / D. Kropman, U. Abru, T. Karner, U. Ugaste, E. Mellikov, M. Kauk, I. Heinmaa and A. Samoson
  • Si[subscript 3]H[subscript 8] based epitaxy of biaxially stressed silicon films doped with carbon and arsenic for CMOS applications / M. Bauer, S. Zollner, N. D. Theodore, M. Canonico, P. Tomasini, B.-Y. Nguyen and C. Arena
  • Electrical transient based defect spectroscopy in polymeric and organic semiconductors / Y. N. Mohapatra, V. Varshney, V. Rao, Samarendra P. Singh and G. S. Samal
  • Towards the routine fabrication of P in Si nanostructures : understanding P precursor molecules on Si(001) / Steven R. Schofield, Neil J. Curson, Oliver Warschkow, Nigel A. Marks, Hugh F. Wilson, Michelle Y. Simmons, Phillip V. Smith, Marian W. Radny and David R. McKenzie
  • Effect of ohmic contacts on polysilicon memory effect / S. B. Herner, C. Jahn and D. Kidwell
  • Analysis of nanoscale deformation in GaAs(100) : towards patterned growth of quantum dots / Curtis R. Taylor, Eric A. Stach, Ajay P. Malshe and Gregory Salamo
  • Various methods to reduce defect states in tantalum oxide capacitors for DRAM applications / W. S. Lau, G. Zhang, L. L. Leong, P. W. Qian, Taejoon Han, J. Das, Nathan P. Sandler and P. K. Chu
  • Impact of small miscuts of (0001) sapphire on the growth of Al[subscript x]Ga[subscript 1-x]N/AlN / Zheng Gong, Wenhong Sun, Jianping Zhang, Mikhail E. Gaevski, Hongmei Wang, Jinwei Yang and M. Asif Khan
  • Radiative versus nonradiative decay processes in germanium nanocrystals probed by time-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy / P. K. Giri, R. Kesavamoorthy, B. K. Panigrahi and K. G. M. Nair
  • Direct measurement of ion beam induced, nanoscale roughening of GaN / Bentao Cui and P. I. Cohen
  • Elastic stress relaxation at nanoscale : a comprehensive theoretical and experimental investigation of the dislocation loops associated with As-Sb nanoclusters in GaAs / V. V. Chaldyshev, A. L. Kolesnikova, N. A. Bert and A. E. Romanov
  • Infrared spectroscopy of impurities in ZnO nanoparticles / W. M. Hlaing Oo and M. D. McCluskey
  • Electronically stimulated degradation of crystalline silicon solar cells / J. Schmidt, K. Bothe, D. Macdonald, J. Adey, R. Jones and D. W. Palmer
  • Efficiency limitations of multicrystalline silicon solar cells due to defect clusters / Bhushan Sopori, Chuan Li, S. Narayanan and D. Carlson
  • Silicon wafer defect self-characterization with CCD image sensors / William C. McColgin, Alexa M. Perry, Dean J. Seidler and James P. Lavine
  • Silicon light emissions from boron implant-induced extended defects / G. Z. Pan, R. P. Ostroumov, L. P. Ren, Y. G. Lian and K. L. Wang
  • Conductivity enhancement in thin silicon-on-insulator layer embedding artificial dislocation network / Yasuhiko Ishikawa, Kazuaki Yamauchi, Chihiro Yamamoto and Michiharu Tabe
  • Silicon single-electron pump and turnstile : interplay with crystalline imperfections / Yukinori Ono, Akira Fujiwara, Yasuo Takahashi and Hiroshi Inokawa
  • A comparison of lattice-matched GaInNAs and metamorphic InGaAs photodetector devices / David B. Jackrel, Homan B. Yuen, Seth R. Bank, Mark A. Wistey, Xiaojun Yu, Junxian Fu, Zhilong Rao and James S. Harris, Jr.
  • A novel method to synthesize blue-luminescent doped GaN powders / R. Garcia, A. Thomas, A. Bell and F. A. Ponce
  • Modeling the MOS device conductance using an extended tunneling model and subsequent determination of interface traps / N. Konofaos
  • Transmission electron microscopy studies of strained Si CMOS / Qianghua Xie, Peter Fejes, Mike Kottke, Xiangdong Wang, Mike Canonico, David Theodore, Ted White, Mariam Sadaka, Victor Vartanian, Aaron Thean, Bich-Yen Nguyen, Alex Barr, Shawn Thomas and Ran Liu
  • The electrical phenomena of non-planar structure and devices using plasma doping / Jong-Heon Yang, In-Bok Back, Kiju Im, Chang-Geun Ahn, Sungkweon Baek, Won-ju Cho and Seongjae Lee
  • A new post annealing method for AlGaN/GaN heterostructure field-effect transistors employing XeCl excimer laser pulses / Min-Woo Ha, Seung-Chul Lee, Joong-Hyun Park, Kwang-Seok Seo and Min-Koo Han
  • P-N junction diodes fabricated based on donor formation in plasma hydrogenated P-type czochralski silicon / Y. L. Huang, E. Simoen, R. Job, C. Claeys, W. Dungen, Y. Ma, W. R. Fahrner, J. Versluys and P. Clauws

  • Defect reduction in Si-based metal-semiconductor-metal photodetectors with cryogenic processed schottky contacts / M. Li and W. A. Anderson
  • Low temperature B activation in SOI using optimized vacancy engineering implants / A. J. Smith, B. Colombeau, N. Bennett, R. Gwilliam, N. Cowern and B. Sealy
  • Bubbles and cavities induced by rare gas implantation in silicon oxide / E. Ntsoenzok, H. Assaf and M. O. Ruault
  • Defects induced by helium implantation : impact on boron diffusivity / F. Cayrel, D. Alquier, C. Dubois and R. Jerisian
  • Roles of impurities and implantation depth on He[superscript +]- cavity shape in silicon / Gabrielle Regula, Rachid El Bouayadi, Maryse Lancin, Esidor Ntsoenzok, Bernard Pichaud and Marie-Odile Ruault
  • Clustering analysis in boron and phosphorus implanted (100) germanium by X-ray absorption spectroscopy / M. Alper Sahiner, Parviz Ansari, Malcolm S. Carroll, C. A. King, Y. S. Suh, R. A. Levy, Temel Buyuklimanli and Mark Croft
  • Electronic and optical properties of energetic particle-irradiated in-rich InGaN / S. X. Li, K. M. Yu, R. E. Jones, J. Wu, W. Walukiewicz, J. W. Ager III, W. Shan, E. E. Haller, Hai Lu, William J. Schaff and W. Kemp
  • Controlled growth of ZnO films on Si substrate and N-doping behavior / Y. F. Mei, Ricky K. Y. Fu, R. S. Wang, K. W. Wong, H. C. Ong, L. Ding, W. K. Ge, G. G. Siu and Paul K. Chu
  • Solid phase recrystallization and strain relaxation in ion-implanted strained Si in SiGe heterostructures / M. S. Phen, R. T. Crosby, V. Craciun, K. S. Jones, M. E. Law, J. L. Hansen and A. N. Larsen
  • Device parametric shift mechanism caused by boron halo redistribution resulting from dose rate dependence of SDE implant / Ukyo Jeong, Jinning Liu, Baonian Guo, Kyuha Shim and Sandeep Mehta
  • Theoretical investigation of formation of (n-n[superscript +])-junction in ion-implanted crystalline matrix / R. Peleshchak, O. Kuzyk and H. Khlyap
  • Fabrication of silicon carbide PIN diodes by laser doping and planar edge termination by laser metallization / Z. Tian, N. R. Quick and A. Kar
  • Nanoindentation as a tool for formation of thin film-based barrier structures / H. Khlyap and P. Sydorchuk
  • Blistering and splitting in hydrogen-implanted silicon / E. Ntsoenzok, H. Assaf and S. Ashok
  • Mutual passivation in dilute GaN[subscript x]As[subscript 1-x] alloys / K. M. Yu, W. Walukiewicz, J. Wu, D. E. Mars, M. A. Scarpulla, O. D. Dubon, M. C. Ridgway and J. F. Geisz
  • Determination of diffusivities of Si self-diffusion and Si self-interstitials using isotopically enriched single-or multi- [superscript 30]Si epitaxial layers / S. Matsumoto, S. R. Aid, T. Sakaguchi, K. Toyonaga, Y. Nakabayashi, M. Sakuraba, Y. Shimamune, Y. Hashiba, J. Murota, K. Wada and T. Abe
  • Role of interstitials in as TED and clustering in crystalline silicon / Scott A. Harrison, Thomas F. Edgar and Gyeong S. Hwang
  • Effects of silicon nitride passivation layer on mean dark current and quantum efficiency of CMOS active pixel sensors / D. Benoit, P. Morin, M. Cohen, P. Bulkin and J. L. Regolini
  • Compositional changes in the infrared optical properties of Cr doped CdZnTe crystals / U. Hommerich, A. G. Bluiett, EiEi Nyein, S. B. Trivedi and R. T. Shah
  • Ab initio studies of electronic structure of defects in PbTe / Salameh Ahmad, Daniel Bilc, S. D. Mahanti and M. G. Kanatzidis
  • Thermal growth of He-cavities in Si studied by cascade implantation / E. Ntsoenzok, R. El Bouayadi, G. Regula, B. Pichaud and S. Ashok
  • The role of surface annihilation in annealing investigated by atomic model simulation / Min Yu, Xiao Zhang, Ru Huang, Xing Zhang, Yangyuan Wang, Jinyu Zhang and Hideki Oka
  • General model of diffusion of interstitial oxygen in silicon and germanium crystals / Vasilii Gusakov
  • Barrier to migration of the intrinsic defects in silicon in different charged system using first-principles calculations / Jinyu Zhang, Yoshio Ashizawa and Hideki Oka
  • Void formation in hydrogen implanted and subsequently plasma hydrogenated and annealed czochralski silicon / R. Job, W. Dungen, Y. Ma, Y. L. Huang and J. T. Horstmann
  • Hydrogen donors in ZnO / M. D. McCluskey, S. J. Jokela and W. M. Hlaing Oo
  • [mu]-Raman spectra analysis of the evolution of hydrogen related defects and void formation in the silicon ion-cut process / W. Dungen, R. Job, Y. Ma, Y. L. Huang, W. R. Fahrner, L. O. Keller and J. T. Horstmann
  • Hydrogen diffusion in boron-doped hydrogenated amorphous silicon films : crystallization and induced structural changes / F. Kail, A. Hadjadj and P. Roca i Cabarrocas
  • Mechanism of dopant activation enhancement in shallow junctions by hydrogen / A. Vengurlekar, S. Ashok, Christine E. Kalnas and H. Win Ye
  • Hydrogen ion implantation caused defect structures in heavily doped silicon substrates / Minhua Li and Q. Wang
  • Thermal transformation of hydrogen bonds in a-SiC:H films : structural and optical properties / Andrey V. Vasin, Sergey P. Kolesnik, Andrey A. Konchits, Vladimir S. Lysenko, Alexey N. Nazarov, Andrey V. Rusavsky and S. Ashok
  • Optical and electrical characterization of quantum dot infrared photodetector structure treated with hydrogen-plasma / H. D. Nam, J. D. Song, W. J. Choi, J. I. Lee and H. S. Yang
  • Three dimensional hydrogen microscopy in diamond / Gunther Dollinger, Patrick Reichart, Andreas Bergmaier, Andreas Hauptner and Christoph Wild
  • Nondestructive electrical defect characterization and topography of silicon wafers and epitaxial layers / K. Dornich, T. Hahn and J. R. Niklas
  • A pulsed EDMR study of charge trapping at Pb centers / Christoph Boehme, Felice Friedrich and Klaus Lips
  • Transmission electron microscopy study of nonpolar a-plane GaN grown by pendeo-epitaxy on (1120) 4H-SiC / D. N. Zakharov, Z. Liliental-Weber, B. Wagner, Z. J. Reitmeier, E. A. Preble and R. F. Davis
  • Defect characterization of CdTe bulk crystals doped with heavy elements and rare earths / Svetlana Neretina, N. V. Sochinskii, Peter Mascher and E. Saucedo
  • Contact free defect investigation in as grown Fe-doped SI-InP / Sabrina Hahn, Kay Dornich, Torsten Hahn, Bianca Grundig-Wendrock, Jurgen R. Niklas, Peter Schwesig and Georg Muller
  • Effect of deuterium diffusion on the electrical properties of AlGaN/GaN heterostructures / Jaime Mimila Arroyo, Michel Barbe, Francois Jomard, Dominique Ballutaud and Jacques Chevallier
  • Photoelectron emission technique for the surface analysis of silicon wafer covered with oxide film / Takao Sakurai, Yoshihiro Momose, Masanori Kudou and Keiji Nakayama
  • Probing process-induced defects in Si using infrared photoelastic stress measurement technique / X. H. Liu, S. P. Wong, H. J. Peng, N. Ke and Shounan Zhao.