Title Author Format Year of Publication Results
Study guide to DSM-IV / Michael A. Fauman. Fauman, Michael A. Book 1994 1
A study guide to epidemiology and biostatistics / J. Richard Hebel, Robert J. McCarter. Hebel, J. Richard (John Richard), 1935- Book 2012 1
A study guide to epidemiology and biostatistics : including 100 multiple-choice questions / by Richard F. Morton and J. Richard Hebel. Morton, Richard F., 1924- Book 1979 1
Study guide to Essentials of managerial finance / J. Fred Weston, Eugene F. Brigham. Weston, J. Fred (John Fred), 1916- Book 1968 1
A study guide to the philosophy of physics / by W. Newton-Smith. Newton-Smith, W. Book 1979 1
Study improvement : start right now to achieve your goals / W.J. Stewart. Stewart, W. J. (Warren James), 1949- Book 1979 1
A study in algebraic errors, their classification, cruciality and psychological nature. Lenz, E. O. Thesis
1956 1
A study in anti-Gnostic polemics : Irenaeus, Hippolytus, and Epiphanius / Gerard Vallee. Vallée, Gérard, 1933- Book 1981 1
A study in authority and power in the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga, 1977-82 / Connan, John Macpherson. Connan, John Macpherson Thesis
A study in black and white : the life and work of photographer, Jessie Buckland / Vickie Hearnshaw. Hearnshaw, Vickie Book 1997 1
A study in consciousness : a contribution to the science of psychology / Annie Besant. Besant, Annie, 1847-1933 Book 1959 1
A study in conservation / by Winston Barnett and Cyril Winskell. Barnett, Winston, 1935- Book 1977 1
A study in contrasts. Black, W. Bower (William Bower), 1888-1974 Book 1940 1
A study in creative history : the interaction of the eastern and western peoples to 500 B.C. / by O.E. Burton. Burton, O. E. (Ormond Edward), 1893-1974 Book 1932 1
Study in densities and durations, organ. Stout, Alan, 1932- Book 1974 1
A study in earthquake engineering : in particular: considerations of the seismic response of layered ground : a thesis presented for the degree of Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering in the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand / by J.H. Travers. Travers, John Hunter Thesis
1975 1
A study in economic control, import controls and tariffs as applied in New Zealand. Webber, Kenneth John Thesis
1952 1
A study in ethical theory / D.M. Mackinnon. MacKinnon, Donald MacKenzie, 1913- Book 1957 1
Study in fifths for violin [music] : with piano accompaniment / Max Rostal. Rostal, Max Musical Score
1955 1
A study in heterogeneous catalysis; the system:- 2H2aq O2aq =2H2O liq.. Coates, Peter Carlyon Thesis
1935 1