Title Author Format Year of Publication Results
The study and practice of yoga / Harvey Day. Day, Harvey Book 1953 1
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A study and simulation of car parking at Auckland airport. Blake, A. D. Book 1975 1
The study and use of the Bible / John Rogerson, Christopher Rowland, Barnabas Lindars. Rogerson, J. W. (John William), 1935- Book 1988 1
Study as worship : Aboth and the New Testament / by Benedict Thomas Viviano. Viviano, Benedict Thomas Book 1978 1
Study assessing soil disturbance of a Washington 88 cable logging system and a ground based Komatsu D85 tractor system in Kaingaroa State Forest : dissertation presented for the degree of Bachelor of Forestry Science, University of Canterbury / by R.V. Leaming. Leaming, R. V. (Roger Vaughn) Thesis
1986 1
A study comparing preferences to best management practices versus prescribed policy regarding riparian management in the Otago Region : a dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Forestry Science, School of Forestry, University of Canterbury / William Kemp. Kemp, William (William Richard) Thesis
1997 1
A study concerning the acceptance and reconstruction of a philosophy in its assimilation into a different culture : (tao) in Kumārajīva's translation of the Lotus Sūtra / Tsugunari Kubo. Kubo, Tsugunari, 1936- Book 1994 1
Study conference : developing the Buller : a report of proceedings, 7 November 1964.   Book 1965 1
A study depicting the creative process : the voice of Murasaki Shikibu as a creative response to an Eastern aesthetic (includes original play, "Dwellers above the clouds") / Libro, Antoinette Christine. Libro, Antoinette Christine Thesis
Study design and statistical analysis : a practical guide for clinicians / Mitchell H. Katz. Katz, Mitchell H. Book 2006 1
Study English for science / [by] A.R. Bolitho and P.L. Sandler. Bolitho, A R. Book 1980 1
Study for Otira Gorge. Velden, Petrus van der, 1837-1913 Book 1976 1
A study for voicing doubts : for clarinet and ensemble (2001) / James Gardner. Gardner, James, 1962- Musical Score
2019 1
Study group on filariasis : report of the study group.   Book 1959 1
A Study guide and resources booklet for students preparing for registration as music teachers / edited by John M. Jennings.   Book 1989 1
Study guide and solutions manual for Organic chemistry / Neil E. Schore, University of California, Davis. Schore, Neil Eric, 1948- Book 2018 1
Study guide and solutions manual for Organic chemistry, third edition / Susan McMurry. McMurry, Susan Book 1992 1
Study guide and solutions manual to accompany Invitation to organic chemistry / A. William Johnson. Johnson, A. William (Alyn William), 1933- Book 1999 1
A Study Guide for Aphra Behn's ""Oroonoko""   Electronic
2016 1
Study guide for Cambell Biology [by] Jane B. Reece, Lisa A. Urry, Michael L. Cain, Steven A. Wasserman, Peter V. Minorsky, Robert b. Jackson / Martha R. Taylor. Taylor, Martha R. Book 2011 1