Title Author Format Year of Publication Results
Social change and party organization : the New Zealand Labour Party since 1945 / Barry Gustafson.. Gustafson, Barry Book 1976 1
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Social change and political development in Weimar Germany / edited by Richard Bessel and E.J. Feuchtwanger.   Book 1981 1
Social change and political transformation / edited by Chris Rootes & Howard Davis.   Book 1994 1
Social change and psychosocial adaptation in the Pacific Islands : cultures in transition / edited by Anthony J. Marsella, Ayda Aukahi Austin, Bruce A. Grant.   Book 2005 1
Social change and social issues in the former USSR : selected papers from the Fourth World Congress for Soviet and East European Studies, Harrogate, 1990 / edited by Walter Joyce.   Conference Proceeding
1992 1
Social change and stratification in Eastern Europe : an interpretive analysis of Poland and her neighbors [by] Aexander Matejko. Matejko, Aleksander Book 1974 1
Social change and stratification in postwar Czechoslovakia. Krejčí, Jaroslav, 1916- Book 1972 1
Social change and the city in Japan : from the earliest times through the Industrial Revolution. Yazaki, Takeo, 1916- Book 1968 1
Social change and the family in Taiwan / Arland Thornton and Hui-Sheng Lin ; with contributions by Jui-Shan Chang ... [et al.]. Thornton, Arland Book 1994 1
Social change and the individual : Japan before and after defeat in World War II. Tsurumi, Kazuko, 1918- Book 1970 1
Social change and the life course / edited by Gaynor Cohen.   Book 1987 1
Social change and the middle classes / edited by Tim Butler and Mike Savage.   Book 1995 1
Social change and the state : the emergence of a benefit for unmarried mothers in New Zealand : a long essay submitted for the degree of BA (Hons) in History at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand / Sam Elworthy. Elworthy, Sam Thesis
1988 1
Social change and the welfare state / Allan Levett. Levett, Allan, 1932- Book 1988 1
Social change at Larteh, Ghana / David Brokensha. Brokensha, David Book 1966 1
Social change, contradictions, youth and violence / Michael Monsell-Davis. Monsell-Davis, Michael Book 1998 1
Social change, development, and dependency : modernity, colonialism and the deveopment of the west / Tony Spybey. Spybey, Tony Book 1992 1
Social change, educational theory and curriculum planning / [by] Denis Lawton. Lawton, Denis Book 1973 1
Social change : explorations, diagnoses, and conjectures / edited by George K. Zollschan and Walter Hirsch.   Book 1976 1
Social change in a hostile environment : the crusader's Kingdom of Jerusalem. Ben-Ami, Aharon Book 1969 1