Title Author Format Year of Publication Results
Index to the Journal of the New Zealand Institute of Architects 1912-1980 / Susan Brookes. Brookes, Susan Book 1982 1
An index to the Lankavatara Sutra (Nanjio edition) : Sanskrit-Chinese-Tibetan, Chinese-Sanskrit, and Tibetan-Sanskrit with a tabulated list of parallel pages of the Nanjio Sanskrit text and the three Chinese translations (Sung, Wei, and T'ang) in the Taisho edition of the Tripitaka / compiled by Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki. Suzuki, Daisetz Teitaro, 1870-1966 Book 1934 1
Index to the laws of New Zealand, general, local and provincial : brought down to the close of the session of ...   Serial 1883 1
An index to the Little review, 1914-1929, compiled by Kenneth A. Lohf and Eugene P. Sheehy.   Book 1961 1
Index to the Mahāniddesa / compiled by L. S. Cousins. Cousins, L. S. Book 1995 1
Index to the Mahāyāna-sūtrālaṁkāra (Sylvain Lévi edition) / by Gadjin M. Nagao. Nagao, Gajin, 1907- Book 1958 1
Index to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Radiation Laboratory series / edited by Keith Henney; foreword by Vannevar Bush, introductory notes by Karl T. Compton, Lee A. DuBridge and Louis N. Ridenour. Prepared under the supervision of Office of Scientific Research and Development, National Defense Research Committee. Henney, Keith, 1896- Book 1953 1
The index to the Maui news / compiled and edited by Gail Bartholomew with the assistance of Judy Lindstrom. Bartholomew, Gail Book 1985 1
Index to the N.Z. section of the Register of all British ships, 1840-1950 (inclusive) / compiled by M.N. Watt. Watt, M. N. (Morris Netterville), b. 1892 Book 1963 1
An index to the names in the Mahabharata : with short explanations and a concordance to the Bombay and Calcutta editions and P. C. Roy's translation / by S. Sorensen. Srensen, Sren, 1848-1902 Book 1978 1
Index to the New Zealand architect, 1981-1985 / Kathryn Bolland and Susan Brookes. Bolland, Kathryn Book 1987 1
Index to the New Zealand architect and Architecture New Zealand / Julie Howarth and Kathryn Bolland. Howarth, Julie Book 1991 1
Index to the New Zealand listener 1939-1987 [microform] / Alexander Turnbull Library.   Book 1995 1
Index to the New Zealand plates of Banks Florilegium held in the Macmillan Brown Library.   Book 1995 1
Index to the New Zealand stamp collector (1919-1994) : (including references into the handbooks, volume 1-VII) / compiled [i.e. prepared] by Adam J. Miller. Miller, Adam J., 1960- Book 1998 1
Index to the newsletters. Mackinder, Christine Book 1991 1
Index to the Prasannapadā Madhyamaka-vṛtti / by Susumu Yamaguchi. Yamaguchi, Susumu, 1895- Book 1974 1
Index to the principal resolutions passed by, and motions negatived, withdrawn, and lapsed in, the House of Representatives, 1854 to 1892. Compiled by H. Otterson.   Book 1892 1
Index to the record of inquiry, The indigenous flora & fauna claim (WAI 262) ; &, Statement of claim : photocopy of documents supplied by the Waitangi Tribunal (October 2003).   Book 2003 1
Index to the records of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East (Japanese War Trials) 3 May 1946-4 November 1948 / compiled from the set held in the University of Canterbury Library by K.M. Wells. Wells, K. M. (Kenneth M.), 1953- Book 1983 1