Title Author Format Year of Publication Results
An index to the remarkable passages and works made use of by Shakspeare : calculated to point out the different meanings to which the words are applied.. Ayscough, Samuel, 1745-1804 Book 1790 1
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Index to the Saddharmapuṇḍarīkasūtra : Sanskrit, Tibetan, Chinese / editor, Yasunori Ejima ; co-editors, Rentarō Ikeda ... [et al.].   Book 1985 1
Index to the Sanskrit fragments and Tibetan translation of Candrakīrti's Bodhisattvayogācāracatuḥśatakaṭīkā : Sanskrit - Tibetan / by Kōshin Suzuki.   Book 1994 1
Index to the Sanskrit fragments and Tibetan translation of Candrakīrti's Bodhisattvayogācāracatuḥśatakaṭīkā : Tibetan - Sanskrit / by Kōshin Suzuki.   Book 1995 1
Index to the South African tax cases reports (volumes 1 to 48) / edited by J.L. Van Dorsten and A.C. Van Dorsten. Van Dorsten, J. L. Book 1987 1
Index to the statutes in force.   Serial   1
Index to the Strand magazine, 1891-1950 / compiled by Geraldine Beare. Beare, Geraldine Book 1982 1
Index to the Tibetan translation of the Kāçyapaparivarta / by Friedrich Weller. Weller, Friedrich Book 1933 1
Index to the titles of works in the Mongolian Kanjur & Tanjur / compiled by T. Rajapatirana. Rajapatirana, T. Book 1968 1
An index to The Treaty of Waitangi Collection.   Electronic
2017 1
Index to the Uppsala edition of Columella / G.G. Betts and W.D. Ashworth. Betts, Gavin Book 1971 1
Index to the Vinaya-piṭaka / compiled by Y. Ousaka, M. Yamazaki, K. R. Norman.   Book 1996 1
Index to the x-ray powder data file.   Serial 1959 1
Index to the Yogācārabhūmi, Chinese-Sanskrit-Tibetan = Kan-Bon-Zō taishō Yugashiji ron sōsakuin / by Koitsu Yokoyama, Takayuki Hirosawa. Yokoyama, Kōitsu, 1940- Book 1996 1
Index to Tomorrow, 1934-40 / compiled by J.J. Herd.   Book 1962 1
Index to United States topographic and other map coverage of Antarctica [cartographic material] : July 1, 1987.   Map 1987 1
Index to Victorian Parliamentary papers : 1919-1939 / compiled by T.J. Strehlow & C.W. Ford. Strehlow, T. J. (Theodor James) Book 1994 1
Index to Victorian parliamentary papers, 1966-1991 / compiled by T.J. Strehlow. Strehlow, T. J. (Theodor James) Book 1993 1
Index verborum C. Suetoni Tranquilli stilique eius proprietatum nonnullarum / confecerunt Albertus Andreas Howard, Carolus Newell Jackson. Howard, Albert Andrew, 1858-1925 Book 1963 1
Index verborum Catullianus / by Monroe Nichols Wetmore. Wetmore, Monroe Nichols, 1863- Book 1961 1