Title Author Format Year of Publication Results
At home in diaspora : Black international writing / Wendy W. Walters. Walters, Wendy W. Book 2005 1
At home in Fiji / by C.F. Gordon Cumming. Gordon Cumming, C. F. (Constance Frederica), 1837-1924 Book 1901 1
At home in New Zealand : an illustrated history of everyday things before 1865 / by Alison Drummond & L. R. Drummond. Drummond, Alison Book 1967 1
At Home in New Zealand [electronic resource] : History, Houses, People / Barbara Brookes Brookes, Barbara L. (Barbara Lesley), 1955- Electronic
2016 1
At home in New Zealand : houses, history, people / edited by Barbara Brookes.   Book 2000 1
At home in Renaissance Italy / edited by Marta Ajmar-Wollheim and Flora Dennis ; summary catalogue edited by Elizabeth Miller.   Book 2006 1
At home in the city : thinking through urban design challenges in New Zealand / Errol Haarhoff, John Hunt, Lee Beattie, Manfredo Manfredini and Kai Gu. Haarhoff, E. J. (Errol J.) Book 2013 1
At home in the Earth : seeking an Earth-centred spirituality / [by Neil Darragh] Darragh, Neil, 1942- Book 2000 1
At home in the heartland : midwestern domestic architecture / Robert Winter, Alexander Vertikoff. Winter, Robert, 1924- Book 2007 1
At home in the hills : sense of place in the Scottish borders / John N. Gray. Gray, John N., 1945- Book 2000 1
At home in the hills : the tracks of a New Zealand hunter / M. James Jordan. Jordan, M. James Book 2002 1
At home in the street : street children of Northeast Brazil / Tobias Hecht. Hecht, Tobias, 1964- Book 1998 1
At home in the universe / John Archibald Wheeler. Wheeler, John Archibald, 1911-2008 Book 1996 1
At home in the universe : the search for laws of self-organization and complexity / Stuart Kauffman. Kauffman, Stuart A. Book 1995 1
At home in the world : cosmopolitanism now / Timothy Brennan. Brennan, Timothy, 1953- Book 1997 1
At home in the world : stories and essential teachings from a monk's life / Thich Nhat Hanh. Nhất Hạnh, Thích Book 2016 1
At home : memoirs / William Plomer. Plomer, William, 1903-1973 Book 1958 1
At home on the earth : becoming native to our place : a multicultural anthology / edited by David Landis Barnhill.   Book 1999 1
At home on the road / Jill Malcolm. Malcolm, Jill Book 2002 1
At home or abroad [electronic resource] : Tuvaluans shaping a Tuvaluan future : a thesis submitted to the Victoria University of Wellington in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Development Studies / by Kathryn Louise Paton. Paton, Kathryn Louise Thesis
2009 1