Call Number (LC) Title Results
KB 381 .N5 .C976 Art in prison : an evaluation of a New Zealand prison programme / 1
KC 1 .A258 African yearbook of international law / 1
KC 1 .A512 The American journal of international law. 1
KC 1 .A832 Asian yearbook of international law. 1
KC 1 .A9378 Proceedings / 1
KC 1 .A9379 Proceedings of ... annual meeting. 1
KC 1 .A9379 2003 International governance and institutions : what significance for international law? : proceedings of the 11th Annual Meeting held at Victoria University of Wellington, 4-6 July 2003 / 1
KC 1 .A9385 Proceedings / 1
KC 1 .B862 Report by the director on the activities of the Institute.
Director's report and financial statements /
Director's report /
KC 1 .B936 Bulletin of legal developments : a periodic survey of foreign, Commonwealth and international legal events / 1
KC 1 .C719 yb Colorado journal of international environmental law and policy ... Yearbook. 1
KC 1 .C737 The Comparative and international law journal of southern Africa = Tydskrif vir regsvergelyking en internasionale reg van Suidelik Afrika = Jornal de direito comparativo e internacional para os paises do sul da Africa = Journal de droit compare et international des pays de l'Afrique Australe = Zeitschrift fur Rechtsvergleichung und internationales Recht des Sudlichen Afrika. 1
KC 1 .E89 European journal of international law = Journal europeen de droit international. 1
KC 1 .I39 The Indian journal of international law : official organ of the Indian Society of International Law. 1
KC 1 .I618 International peacekeeping. 1
KC 1 .I6185 Journal of international peacekeeping. 1
KC 1 .I619 International maritime and commercial law yearbook : a jurisdictional review of international maritime and commercial law. 1
KC 1 .J35 Japanese yearbook of international law. 1
KC 1 .J86 i Journal of international arbitration. 1
KC 1 .J86 w Journal of world trade.
Journal of world trade law.