Call Number (LC) Title Results
J 981 .S6 .K2 Parliamentary debates (Hansard) / 1
JA 1 .H339 The Dependence dilemma : gasoline consumption and America's security /
The diplomacy of surprise, Hitler, Nixon, Sadat /
Conflict and violence in Lebanon : confrontation in the Middle East /
The Future of North America : Canada, the United States, and Quebec nationalism /
Diplomatic dispute : U.S. conflict with Iran, Japan, and Mexico /
The hazards of peace : a European view of Detente.
The German Democratic Republic from the sixties to the seventies : a socio-political analysis.
The role of the military in recent Turkish politics /
Conflict regulation in divided societies /
Israel's political-military doctrine /
Cyprus : the law and politics of civil strife /
Higher education in developing countries : a select bibliography /
JA 1 .H339 no. 4 Reflections on the failure of the first West Indian Federation. 1
JA 1 .H339 no. 9 Self-determination revisited in the era of decolonization. 1
JA 1 .H339 no.40 Commandos and politicians : elite military units in modern democracies / 1
JA 1 .S129 Public constraint and American policy in Vietnam. 1
JA 1 .S129 i International institutions and world order : the international system as a prismatic polity.
Foreign policy and the new American military.
The impact of very small size on the international behavior of microstates.
Conflict : escalation and deescalation.
Military involvement in politics : a causal model.
Interest groups and the foreign policy process : U.S. policy in the Middle East.
Modernization, threat, and the power of the military.
Soviet and Chinese negotiating behavior : the western view.
JA 1 .S129 i no. 3 Decision networks and the world population explosion : the UN and institutional innovation for social crisis. 1
JA 1 .S129 i no.4 Functionalism and regional integration; a logical and empirical assessment 1
JA 1 .S129 i no. 6 Foreign policy situations : American elite responses to variations in threat, time, and surprise / 1
JA 1 .S129 i no. 14 A general empirical typology of foreign policy behavior / 1
JA 1 .S129 i no. 19 The influence of foreign policy on seapower: new weapons and Weltpolitik in Wilhelminian Germany 1
JA 1 .S129 i no.20 Human factors in international negotiations: social-psychological aspects of international conflict. 1
JA 1 .W317 Saudi Arabian modernization : the impact of change on stability /
Political Islam /
JA 1 .W317 no. 4 Oil, the Middle East, and the world / 1
JA 1 .W317 no. 6 Peking, Moscow, and beyond : the Sino-Soviet-American triangle / 1
JA 1 .W317 no. 7 Politics, oil and the Western Mediterranean / 1
JA 1 .W317 no. 8 Europe in the age of negotiation. 1
JA 1 .W317 no. 9 Nuclear politics: America, France, and Britain / 1
JA 1 .W317 no. 10 Foreign aid as moral obligation? / 1